The final season of Silicon Valley

Didn’t anybody watch this? The last Silicon Valley thread I found was two seasons ago.

The last season wasn’t perfect; they never quite got back the brilliance of the first couple of seasons, in my opinion. As Pied Piper grew, the plight of the characters has become less relatable. And there were some elements (RussFest, the Chilean Warlord) that felt over-the-top just for the sake of it.

But it was still really solid, and the ending - In order to keep their too-efficient software from literally taking over the world, they must publicly and spectacularly fail, thereby destroying the company, without anybody knowing it was intentional. - was fantastic. It was a bold choice, making for a bittersweet, if not outright sad, way to go out. It was a satisfying finish to an overall uneven series.

I agree that it was a solid ending episode, except for one mystery left unsolved. And I also agree that it was time for the series to end.

I get that T.J. Miller had to go — and even the Erlich character becomes a bit superfluous once Pied Piper reaches a certain point — but I think the show suffered without Erlich as a counterbalance to the other guys. I also wasn’t thrilled with how much they wasted Dinesh by turning him into a one-note character, but I’m glad he came around at the end. I’m being internetnerd critical there, but it really was a fantastic show that I will enjoy watching again.

Also, mad bonus points if that was supposed to be Perd Hapley.

It was ok. It wasn’t BAD. I wasn’t like “Why am I still watching this shit?” But it was the weakest of the seasons. Decent finish. I’m satisfied, however much it dipped from S1. S1 is probably in my top ten seasons of any show ever.

Oh when they flipped the switch on Pied Piper on stage and THE THING happened? I laughed really hard. Not as much as at dick stroking math, but pretty hard.

Its implied that the software lives on, and that its in the hands of the NSA

I thought this season was better than the last couple, but still not up to its former self. The characters and their situation had become pretty unrelatable (instead of being the good guys going up against the evils of Silicon Valley, they had become part of it). This season turned it around a bit, but I found the ending a bit over-the-top engineered to force that conclusion. Oh well. Endings are hard and it could have been worse.

Wow. Great catch. I never would have figured that out.

The last season had just too much going on. As noted above, Russ(fest), the drug lord, the Grawlt (sp?) character that just never quite came together. In one ep, Gerald finds his biological family and in another Gilfoyle is now revealed as a chess enthusiast.

Anyway, the finale was a good wrap-up. I would have liked to seen Ehrlich make a cameo and I think they could have made it work.

For TJ Miller’s thoughts on that matter, I found this

I didn’t care for the last couple of episodes where it dipped into full-blown science fiction (with an out of control AI doing impossible mathematics). But I got my share of laughs out of the season and at least they tied things up.

And one character even ended up in prison, although I’m not sure they addressed why. My guess was fraud.

FYI, Jared is the character who found his birth parents. As for the speculation in the spoiler box, that’s one possibility but not the only one.

You’re assuming that Monica took the flash drive with her to the NSA. That’s possible. It’s also possible that Gilfoyle and Dinesh used the code to start their cyber-security firm. Or perhaps both teams have the code.

I was OK with the ending.

I was a little disappointed in the ending, but overall I enjoyed the series. I have to say that Henry Phillip’s character made me a bit uncomfortable…having worked in a data center for 13 years, it hit a little too close to home. :smiley:

I had a different interpretation; I agree that the software lives on, but I think that Jìan-Yáng has it.

Richard and Big Head’s fates were amusing; Richard is forced to have Gavin Belson’s name attached to his title, and Big Head continues to fail upwards.

Maybe, but Monica was the one who reacted heavily when asked about working in the NSA, and given that level of software, was anyone really surprised if the NSA did not already have a copy anyways.

Jin Yang has the version that did not scale up, which is what Laurie was saying at Russ Fest before Richard went with Son of Anton and created skynet. Jin Yang himself, looks like he was in Burma living off Bachmans Pipercoin, the one that Monica said must be worth twenty million and Yang had himself declared dead and started using Bachmans identity.

I thought the ending was OK. I kind of wanted to see Pied Piper become successful – except maybe Dinesh, who would wind up miserably working for Jian Yang due to some selfish decision – but self-sacrifice was alright.

I agree that this was the weakest season of the series, and it was time.

Having the software actually call rats was inspired and I feel dumb in hindsight I didn’t think of that joke.

Well, I feel dumb for not putting the Big Head joke together. And the look on his face when he got it was priceless.

I had been waiting for that punchline since season 1. There had to be a reason why this weird name was chosen, and he stuck to it for so long through so much. It had to more than just “I like the name”.

I was satisfied when it finally was delivered.

BTW. Spaces. Always Spaces. Not tabs.

I got the feeling that the writers had only planned for one or two seasons and just didn’t know what to do after they were renewed for more. It seemed to me they were surprised the show was renewed after the first two seasons.

I found the show to be interesting for the first season or two. But it seemed to fade fast after that.

Of course, I can’t know the truth about that. I’m just saying that is how it felt to me.