The first bite...

Have you ever had a really, really strong craving for an unspecified type of food? When I came home a few hours ago after eating with my family, I was craving cake. Not a specific type of cake…just cake, cake, cake. Well, about 10 minutes ago the craving became unbearable and I rushed to the kitchen to whip up a cake-like snack with whatever I could find. I have no cooking knowledge whatsoever, so I grabbed a box of Little Debbie brownies, instant vanilla pudding, marshmellow fluff, and graham crackers.

Now, sitting in front of me I have my creation: a marshmellow-and-pudding-coated chocolate brownie sandwiched between two graham cracker halves. And the whole outside is covered with pudding. It looks scary and I dun wanna eat it now. Meep. :o

Close your eyes and take a bite, you never know what it’ll be like until you try it.


FWIW, IIRC, a craving for an unidentified food source is an indicator of low blood sugar. But it sounds like you’ve got that one wrapped up now! :eek:


Me with low blood sugar? Impossible! Even for a moment, impossible!

Anyway, the snack wasn’t half bad. I’m glad I documented the recipe. What should I name it?

Um, Craving Cake?

Death by Sugar?

“Improvisations on a Theme of Cake”

“Nude descending a Sugar High”

“Persistance of Cake”

“Shit I think I broke my Pancreas(SITIBMP, pronounces city-bimp)”

Ivy, If you had a bong sitting in front of you at the moment, you’d have described every Sunday afternoon of my twenties.

Oh Jack, you are the living end.

Well maybe not that, but you’re pretty damned funny. Some of the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes? You called? :smiley: