Very odd food cravings -- again, sorta

In the last week I have had this odd craving for rainbow trout cooked in a little olive oil and lemon with a light but creamy lemon sauce on top.

What makes this very odd is I hate fish and all seafood.

I used to like trout and other fish as a kid but after the salmon souffle fiasco, any fish or anything smelling or resembling fish has been off limits. (aka I was violently ill after a salmon dish my mother made when I was 9 or 10.)

Just thought you should know. Maybe it’s time for bed?

When it comes to you techchick, it’s always time for bed! At least as far as I’m concerned.

PS: Gotta love trout.

Every now and then I get a craving for lobster and scallops, and I too, am anything but a fan of seafood.

Right now I really want a big bag of sugar.

…wait, that’s not an odd food craving for me.

The only seafood I like is tuna/dolphin (take your pick). My strangest craving was for a big ol’ bowl of bread chunks in warm milk, with sugar. I was about 8 when I last had it. Five years is a long time, hmm.

This is kindasortamaybeno, but I’m always willing to eat a MoonPie. I admit they taste like parafin, but I like them. Same with RC Cola – tastes like flat Pepsi mixed with rainwater, but I like it. I’m the only person I know who likes these things.

I’ve been known to get unbelievable cravings for macaroni and cheese. I’ll cook up a box and eat it all in one sitting.

But I’m on a diet now that kind of forbids wheat, so I think I need to get to the health food store and find a mac&cheese mix made of semolina or brown rice pasta. Or just learn to make my own…

I pack a can of spam along when I go hunting. The spam is there for emergency usage only, I hate spam. I carry the spam so I will never get myself in a situation where I will have to eat it. Lately, I have been thinking about some fried spam. This is weird on two fronts, I would eat bugs before I ate spam and does this mean I will need to eat the spam in November?

A mashed potato sandwhich - on white bread - with 2 slices of American cheese (preferably the kind in separate cellophane wrappers), lightly salted and with a little extra butter (not to be confused with margarine or other “spreads”). This treat goes well with any dish, including fish, although if you choose to eat it with red meats, you will want to sprinkle a little pepper on it.


Sometimes when you crave something (especially something you don’t usually eat), it means that your body is in need of a certain vitamin or mineral–if you’re craving fish, you may need something like iodine or protein…
Have to agree with Zenster, though… gotta love trout. Especially Trout Meunière(sp?). MMMMmmmm love that brown butter.

I constantly crave baby carrots. I’m sure that there’s some Freudian symbolism in there somewhere, but I’ve stopped caring.


I get enough protein so maybe it’s the iodine. Hmmm, it’s more the taste of it that I want really since rainbow trout is not a fishy fish.

Yesterday – oddly enough – I was watching Grilling Maestros on PBS and in the first segment they were showing tips on grilling whole fish, a rainbow trout even! This made me want the damn trout even more!

Part of it also may be that I have changed my diet in the last month or so. I am eating more protein and vegies with less carbs so maybe my need for variety is the issue here. You can only eat so much beef, piggy products and poultry for so long, it gets old. I still eat carbs but since the changes I have made for the time being, I don’t combine the two.

It must be terrible for my teeth, stomach and most of the rest of my body, but sometimes I get the urge to eat dried rice or dried pasta. All too often, I do eat it, too.

corned beef hash, grilled up crispy, with a side of hot buttered niblets.
or, as I usually refer to it as, the Cholesterol Platter.

Every few years, I get an awful hankering for a corn dog with mustard on it. I hate hot dogs in ANY form, as a rule.
Well, I had my corn dog craving this weekend while I was at a festival, and gave in to it. Two bites later, the corn dog recieved a decent burial in the nearest garbage can. That’ll tide me over for a couple of years;).