The first CSI?

I am currently reading a series of stories and novellas about someone who may have been the first fictional CSI. The first story (that I have) was published in 1907.

He is a lecturer at a teaching hospital in London in the field of Medical Jurisprudence, also known as Forensic Medicine.

He examines crime scenes, paying great attention to details, making careful measurements and taking photographs. Fingerprints were fairly new then; he proved how they can be faked. He also proved that an incriminating footprint was faked. He is also an expert at exposing document forgeries. He re-creates devices used in crimes to show how the crime was committed. He testifies in court.

He has a sidekick and also a lab assistant. He is tall, handsome and dignified, but with a sense of humor, and only in his early 30’s.

He makes fun of “deductive” detectives, such as Sherlock Holmes (although he doesn’t mention anyone by name).

Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your delectation and pleasure:

Dr. John Thorndyke.

Anyone have an earlier candidate? Anyone read these stories?

Huh. Never heard of these. I’ll have to check 'em out. Thanks!