The first sign of the apocalypse (well my personal household one anyways)

If I hadn’t seen it I would not have believed it.

I’m pretty sure that no one who knows either animal (and the enmity they hold for each other) will believe it either (I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo dammit).

So I am telling you guys.

Today I awoke earlier than normal. Upon arising I walked into my lounge room and discovered ~gasp~ my older cat and my rabbit sleeping together. But not just sleeping together they were touching. Back to back in fact. Oh the non humanity!, Oh the animality!

Anyway I was quite stunned.
I had noticed that the kitten had changed how all the animals in my household related. This was a first though. Both of them slunk off in seeming embarrassment once they noticed me.

(I am truly hoping that this means the end of the cat poking the rabbit until the brabbit beats the everliving snot out of the cat. While amusing and ludicrous -1kg rabbit vs 5kg cat- I worry about the vet bills -bunnys have sharp teeth and strong back legs - just ask flatlined)

I guess it is not uncommon, though I’ve not seen it myself. We have 5 cats now, so I’m not about to adopt a bunny! :slight_smile:

The thing is that up to this point all the interaction they had was to try and snot each other. The best things have been is an uneasy truce.
It is a bit like waking up one morning to find a Hatfield all snuggled up in a McCoy’s bed!

I betcha they were only doing it because you were sound asleep. One of our cats gets unusually friendly … but only when the other one of us is out of the house. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be caught dead being all snuggy-wuggums-pie. :smiley:

No pictures? Bah!

I’m not sure, but I think you may have the sequence of that feud reversed…

At any rate, enjoy your signs and portents while you can. :slight_smile:

You know how it is. A gal and a guy in a mixed-gender group always snipping at each other, and everyone but them can see the attraction is mutual.

One night you’ve had enough bullshit and booze that you bust out with “would you two just fuck already?!” and they both look sheepish. Four months later…


OP, Are you referring tothis?

Our two old lady cats are the same way, except we never catch them snuggling. I have a feeling, however, that once one of them dies, the other one is going to be pretty lost for a while.

Sometimes, it’s just futile to resist the cuteness:

Warning: ragdoll kittens at play.

Thanks Lynn :slight_smile:

Sometimes the cute is the only solutions to lifes problems

Would you believe it but I *FINALLY *got photos. Unfortunateley I did not get a pic of them ~gasp~ snogging. Yes that’s right folks they have moved onto… um (which base is snogging anyway) I’m thinking I may have to have an embarrassong talk to the two of them about - ahem - *protection *ifyewknowwhatimean.
Anyway on to the good stuff:

it is a sure sign that you are keeping the house too cold. hostilities cease when they need to cooperate for their mutual survival.

Misquoting Ghostbusters: “Cats and rabbits living together, mass hysteria!”

Squeess happen!!!

Domestic bliss is such a good thing :slight_smile:

Those are Birman kittens. This is a Ragdoll.