Say hello to Mia, the new member of our family. (This is about a *CAT*. Pictures inside.)

We adopted a rescue cat yesterday, Mia, who’s judged to be about three, and a Russian Blue mix.

So far she’s been very friendly with the humans in the house, but our old Ragdoll Rocco has been another story. He’s been wary with regard to the newcomer, but she’s been growling and hissing at him! In his house, no less. From what I’ve seen this sort of thing’s pretty normal with cats first meeting each other so I’m hopeful conditions between them will improve.

Oh, beautiful kitties. Yes, yes them* is*!

I can tell that Rocco is extremely agitated.


They sure is. Now if only she can learn to co-exist with Rocco. The way she snarled at him reminded me of Bucky in Get Fuzzy–all little red mouth and fangs. As for Rocco I don’t think he’s too perturbed; he just seems to be waiting her out.

The evidence in your link shows that poor wittle Rocco has no head.
Perhaps this affects his ability to co-exist with the newcomer.
Or his ability to exist at all, actually.

Yeah, ragdolls are floppy and all that—but they’re s’possed to have an unfloppy bit, too, ya know…up on top,with ears attached…

We need more Rocco pics— NOW.

Awwww… adorable kitties, even if one is somewhat headless. (It’s ok; I’ve known several cats who could probably get on just fine without a head so long as someone pureed their kittyfood.) My fingers are crossed for them to get along–we’ve had consistently bad luck on that, but most folks seem to do just fine. :slight_smile:

Headless Kitty Cats!
Is Halloween around the corner, or what?

<insert scary background music here>

Give them time. It’s taken a month for our brood to accept our latest fuzzball.

Yours are truly cuties.

That picture was some time ago, in the Pre-Mia era.

Here’s another of Rocco, although it is scanned from a photo and not as clear as the pictures taken with digital equipment.

Rocco on chair

Here’s another.

Here’s one of Shadow, Clover, Rocco. I’m surprised at the poor quality of this picture; it’s been on my Photobucket album for a long time I thought it was a little better. Shadow and Clover both became very ill and died, very suddenly, early this year. They were about fifteen, which may have been a factor. But we think the real cause was a neighbor’s dog that we took into the house for a little while. Said dog was a scruffy little Maltese mix, or something similar, and had been attacked by two pit bulls. After that episode we had a lot of problems with fleas, and who knows what else there was that we couldn’t see. At any rate, we’d never had flea problems before, in a decade and a half of multiple cat ownership.

I’m not sure how Photobucket works, but I think anyone reading this can see all the cat pictures in that album, if they can follow the links above.

Oh my. What gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous kitties! We have a Maine Coon. I’ve always wanted a ragdoll or a Somali as well.

Ooooh, who’s a pretty cat? You! and you! Yes, yes you iz a pretty cat!

Awww, de sweee yiddle kitties! Yes they are! such sweetie little things they are! Who’s a swootums?

Ahem. Yes, lovely cat. How’s he settling in with the resident feline(s)?

What lovely kitties!

Yes, one of my kitties is solid black, and this time of year I have to keep him from sitting in the window, where others can see him.

A couple of years ago we adopted two orange boys, one who was about four years old, and a rather stout gentleman, and one who was about two months old…and who was delighted to have a whole house to run around in, rather than a cage at the Humane Society. My meezer girl wouldn’t have much to do with either of them, and would slap the younger one upside the head when she felt he needed it (which was any time he looked at her). The older orange male, though, wasn’t quite as aggressive. He’d just sit on Charlie when he wanted a bit of a break from being tackled.

And what goes around comes around. We took in a small but very active kitten/cat (somewhere between 8 and 18 months old) who, when she’s awake, is playing. She’s been pestering Charlie mercilessly. Now, he does like to play, but not as much as Chaos does. This is not the pair of them, but it very well could be.

So tell Rocco to just sit on Mia when she needs it, or when he needs to not be pounced on.

Congratulations on your new CAT!

Do people steal black cats this time of year? We nearly chose a black Scottish Fold kitten instead. Then again, we don’t let our cats out anyway.

My female cats have always been very bossy toward the males, who seem to get along mostly fine. I don’t know if I just always end up with diva girls who can barely tolerate the laidback dude cats (while really hating the other females) or if it’s a more universal gender thing. They eventually just pretend the others don’t exist. Anyway, great cats, best of luck, and it will all work out in time.

When the man who is now my husband, and his 2 year old cat moved in with us and our 12+ year old cat I despaiered of there ever being peace in the houuse again. After nearly 6 weeks they were, in fact, peaceful and even advanced to curling up together in the same sunny spot on the same piece of furniture.

crossing my fingers for you.

And yes, they are both beautiful.