The Flash S02E10: Potential Energy

Posting this early as a way to remind folks that the show returns with a new episode tonight. From the episode description:

Here’s the official trailer for the rest of the season, which promises to have a lot more Earth-2 content:

Someone who can slow down the Flash should be a villain on the level of Zoom or Captain Cold. Instead, the Turtle was too easily defeated. He was primarily used as a foil for Patty and Barry’s relationship. I’ll be really sorry to see Patty go. I thought she had some great chemistry with Barry, and really filled out that evening dress quite well. (Incidentally, where did she hide that gun?)

What got me really excited in this episode was, not the return of Eobard Thawne (Original Flavor), but that he brought Gideon along. Maybe they’ll finally explain what happened to her after Reverse Flash derezzed at the end of last season.

So, is that Thawne from Earth 2’s future? I thought Eobard Thawne ceased to exist when Eddie killed himself.

The one that was there certainly did. However, he did not retroactively cease to exist. Barry still has to fight Reverse Flash any number of times as “Wells/Thawn” stated that they had. In fact, it would be quite possible for RF to kill Barry despite the fact that Barry has already seen him “die”.

Did I miss something, or was Just Try Hard how Barry won their final rematch?

Yeah I kind of missed what happened as well. They said he needed to move in between the waves or something?

I hate time travel/causality loops - I’m never quite sure where its going to end up.

The Turtle’s power field was projected around him in bursts. So, right before the next burst, the field was at minimal power, which Barry was just barely able to overcome, it was at that time Barry had to run as fast as he could to break through the wall of the next burst. He kept this up until he got close enough to topple him.

This wasn’t communicated very well, neither by Cisco’s exposition nor by the scene in question. It really did just look like Barry had to run faster to defeat the Turtle.

I hated Barry gloating at the end. Yes, he was driven to it, but a superhero’s supposed to be classier than that.

Did anyone else see the look on Iris’ face when she realized Barry and Patty were sleeping together?

Oh, and don’t be surprised if Patty shows up in an upcoming episode as a CSI intern or something.

I have to say that in the interim, I nearly completely forgot about all the West family drama. Good times.