The Flash S02E14: Escape from Earth-2

Either Jesse and Barry are not familiar with Alexandre Dumas or possibly Dumas doesn’t exist on Earth-1 and Earth-2. That’s right, I’m calling it: the man in the iron mask is the real Jay Garrick. The man we know as Jay Garrick is an imposter. This explains his lack of speed without the influence of Velocity-6/7/8/9; he never had any in the first place.

Security in the Earth-2 version of S.T.A.R. Labs is much, much better than on Earth-1. Partly that’s because it’s a working facility with actual security guards, but it still has cool intruder alarms. Cisco should take notes.

I am loving the little throwaway lines and scenes that establish further that Earth-2 is indeed different from Earth-1:

[li]Patty Spivot is the CSI tech that worked on most of the Killer Frost cases.[/li][li]The mayor of Central City-2 is named Snart.[/li][li]Oliver Queen never returned from the island. It was his father that came back and became a hooded vigilante.[/li][li]Deadshot-2 can’t shoot straight.[/li][li]Singh-2 is not a police captain but a master criminal.[/li][/ul]

Yeah–that’s my thought too. And Zoom is the Earth-1 Garrick who they said was adopted and named “Hunter Zolomon”.* How Zoom and Fake-Jay appear at the same time is the one point I’m stuck on (presumably Barry is fast enough to see if Zoom is doing the “Changing clothes at super speed” bit)

If this theory is true though, one bit becomes incredibly stupid: Once Iron Mask spelled out “J A Y”, the smart thing to do would have been to simply point at himself. No need for complicated spelling grids.

And in the 6(?) months that Jesse and Iron Mask have been locked up, Iron Mask hasn’t tried anything but that 5x5 grid that Jesse clearly didn’t get? What–she’s supposed to figure it out on the 301st repetition? Charades would probably have been faster than that 5x5 grid.

I have a pretty high tolerance for Silver Age silliness: I didn’t blink when Captain Cold froze laser beams a while back, but this one just annoyed me.
Geoff Johns is highly involved in this show and JLA (circa 1963) 37 and 38 had a similar plot: Johnny Thunder E2 gets captured by Johnny Thunder E1 (who’s a crook) and JTE1 steals JTE2’s Thunderbolt (there’s only one of them in the multiverse, apparently). So I could see Johns digging up that story and homaging it.*

**JTE1 is actually pretty smart–before he goes on a crime spree, he has the Thunderbolt go back in time and make the following changes: Krypton’s radioactive core turns to lead. Joe Chill’s bullets just…disappear (or melt?), the Thunderbolt blocks a lightning bolt over Central City’s police HQ, blocks some yellow radiation beams that are going to hit Abin Sur’s ship, etc. So…no JLA and Silver Age crime spree can occur, unopposed. Which, for 1963 is a damned clever plan.

No, IIRC the Waynes still get gunned down in that alley – but the first time their millionaire son dresses up like a cross between Dracula and a circus performer, the mundane crooks he confronts deliver a magically-enhanced beatdown, and Bruce promptly decides, okay, this was a really stupid idea, and quits.

See, I’m thinking Zoom is Joe West-2. That he somehow faked his death.

Could it be Wally West2? Now that would be a twist!

And when Ronnie2 (Deathstorm) died, does that mean Martin2 died as well? Or was he “released”? Also, we don’t know that Ronnie1 is dead. We never saw his body.

I am not sure why but this episode seemed not as good as part one. It reminded me of the Star Trek TNG Finale/Premieres where the set up was more exciting than the pay off but it was still okay.

I agree the man in the mask is the real Earth 2 Flash (his speed drained by Zoom).

If what was said on Legends of Tomorrow about “our” Firestorm" carries over to Earth 2’s version, Ronnie dying while they are merged would indeed kill both. As an aside, the line from Part 1 about how Ronnie hadn’t let Stein out in years and he doesn’t talk much anymore was chilling. Imagine being trapped like that.

Watching part one, I realized for the first time how much better Danielle Panabaker would be with even slightly better material than she usually gets.

Watching part two – well, now I already knew that, so there was just disappointment that the E1 version didn’t, like, get killed off shortly before the E2 version noted that there’s nothing left for her on her homeworld any more, or something.

Particularly since he hasn’t been Firestorm for years…

I loved when Barry-2 got all huffy with Iris, wondering if Barry-1 had gotten frisky with her, and she didn’t point out that she kissed Barry-1, not the other way around.

Because they’ll really need to up the drama/angst at some point, I’m predicting that Zoom is Earth-2’s Henry Allen. John Wesley Shipp’s got a stocky build like Zoom’s, doesn’t he?

Plus, we haven’t seen him in a while, so maybe a lot of people have sort of forgotten about him, which will up the surprise in the reveal.

Particularly considering that that actor played The Flash in the previous series…

So who was the dude in the cell across from them? The one that was spelling out “Jay” to them.

Is he another Jay Garrick or something?

That’s what it seems like. You figure it wouldn’t have been so hard for him to tap out “I’m Jay.”

Maybe our “Jay” is actually Hunter Zolomon.

You figure with four months he and Harry’s daughter would have worked out some form of communication, rather than him trying the same obscure code over and over the entire time while she says “Eh, I don’t get it.” She could have made up her own code and taught it to the guy in that amount of time.

Hey. Hey. You think it’s easy to slowly trace the letter ‘A’ in the air?

Oh, wait; I’m completely wrong; that is easy. Never mind.

If the man in the mask is the real Jay how did fake Jay know so much about being Flash? Like to use the powers in ways Barry didn’t even know? also, he’s been mighty helpful so far to be an evil Jay.

Or just breathe on the glass to fog it up and write backwards on the glass.

Then again, look how helpful Reverse Flash was when he was posing as Wells.

Could Jesse see Ironmask from her cell (I know Barry could)? Visual means of communication might not have been possible. The 5 by 5 matrix is something that real people used extensively (in POW camps), so it’s not particularly obscure - as soon as someone mentioned that he never tapped more than 5 times, I guessed what he was doing.

Looks like.