The Flash S02E12: Fast Lane

So, Wally likes to go fast. Is this what’s known as foreshadowing, hmmm?

After Wells-2 attached the Speedforce tap to the Flash’s suit, I thought we’d see several episodes where Barry get slower and slower, Team Flash would be struggling to diagnose why, and Harry would be hindering the investigation under the guise of helping them. But Harry almost immediately admitted the deception. And Joe took him out with one epic punch. Wells get put into the Pipeline then let out again in the space of five minutes. Plus how many devices did S.T.A.R. Labs invent this week? The aforementioned Speedforce tap, the dimensional breach imploder, the grenade that took out Tar Pit. Things happen crazy fast on this show.

Next week they’re going to up the crazy content even further by going to Earth-2!

So, basically they now know when and where Zoom will be, whenever he collects the next shot of speed force from Wells. Which, of course, will not actually be speed force, but contain something that will incapacitate him, right? I mean, they’re not going to ignore the incredibly useful fact that Wells now has Zoom’s trust, because the latter believes he’d do everything for his daughter, are they? :rolleyes:

Don’t forget Metahuman Facebook.

How fast did Cisco say Barry normally runs? It sounded like 1500 MPH. That’s almost mach 2.