The Flash S03E21: Cause and Effect

Savitar has finally revealed himself, the stakes are high, and now we get a comedy episode. I didn’t expect this so late in the season. At least we got to see Barry and Iris spend some quality time together.

Every time they pull some time travel shenanigans, I’m left scratching my head. So present Barry loses his memory causing future Barry to also lose his memory. So Savitar doesn’t go back in time to influence Doctor Alchemy to create the metahuman husks. Wally, being one of those husks, doesn’t get his speed. That much makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that Wally remembers having powers, as does everyone else.

Props to Killer Frost for quickly realizing what was going on. I notice Cisco still hasn’t revoked her access to the Cortex. They are seriously, seriously short of brainpower now in S.T.A.R. Labs since Caitlin’s gone to the dark side and H.R. is not the Wells they’re looking for. Is Tracy going to stick around? How about Martin Stein’s daughter?

Speaking of Martin Stein, great callback to future Barry’s message to the Legends of Tomorrow. I was wondering if the writers had forgotten about it. It’s interesting that a plot point started on one show is resolved on another, even outside of a big crossover event.

This episode felt like pure filler. Unless we get a big reveal that yes, putting Barry’s brain on “pause” allowed them to come up with the plan that eventually defeats Savitar, this was was a pretty useless episode.

Also, HR could be replaced by a tape recorder that says “Slow down, take a deep breath, step away from the problem for a minute” and it would be A) more useful and B) less annoying than HR is. Man, I hope Savitar eats his heart or something.

I do like whatshername–the new woman cast member. She fits into the group a lot better.

The Speedforce bazooka is supposed to need about 3 terajoules of energy, which Cisco claimed is more power than the sun. I got curious as to how much this actually is. It turns out that there is a handy online converter that converts terajoules to tons of TNT:,-work,-and-heat/terajoules-to-tons-of-tnt

3 TJ = 717 tTNT

By way of comparison, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 15 kilotons or 63 TJ.


Also, “Speedforce Cannon” is about 63,000,000 times cooler sounding than “Speedforce Bazooka”

Should have run the name by Cisco first. He could have come up with something cool and German-sounding like der Schnellmachtfaust.

I’m surprised that when Cecile told Joe to bring in Barry, Julian didn’t suggest going instead, since Barry clearly couldn’t do any CSI work. Or Joe should have told her (since she knows Barry’s secret) that he was out of commission.

Points to Cecile for assuming that a memory-erasing metahuman had attacked Barry. Wonder if one will show up next season and they’ll mention this.

Also, Wally should have gone with Joe and Barry. He didn’t know he’d lost his speed at that point, and they should’ve assumed that if Barry had accidentally set off his own powers (which he did at the apartment), that Wally was the only one who could catch him.

But I did enjoy the episode. “Is this a dentist’s office?” And it reminded me of how confused he was when he woke up in the first episode.

Having thought about it, I still don’t see why they were messing with a memory zapping thing rather than just saying, “Ok Barry, we’re going to discuss it now. Why don’t you run to (say) New York, see a show, bring us back some pizza while the rest of us brainstorm”?

Good point, but it wouldn’t be New York. It would be Gotham or Metropolis. Or heck, he could just stay in Central City and cruise the streets looking for trouble.

Or, and this is a wild, bizarre thought, he could go to work, couldn’t he?

Yes, but we know that no one in the Flash-verse can keep a secret (unless doing so causes harm), so someone (I’m looking at HR) would have told Barry what the plan was.

At least Cisco didn’t say they needed 1.21 jigga-watts of power. :smiley:

I liked the call out to the Star Trek TOS episode The Enemy Within and H. R. saying that Voyager was his favorite series.

Oliver could use some help chasing down Adrian Chase. Barry could go over to Star City for a while.

Ollie caught Chase and he’s in jail. But Chase has friends on the outside and definitely has some mischief planned.

Spoilers! I don’t really care (I’ll get caught up on Arrow someday), but as of Tuesday when Flash aired, Chase was still available for Flash to help chase.

note to self - when you have your ‘time remnant’ evil copy in your hands - don’t tell him you’re going to kill him, just do it.

Remember, this is a guy who didn’t try to kill Zoom when he had him temporarily incapacitated.

I, too, got curious as to how this compares with “the energy of the sun.”
The sun puts out 380 yottawatts, or 3.8 x 10^26 joules per second.
It would take the sun a little under 8 x 10^-15 seconds to put out 3 Terajoules.

So I suppose 3 TJ is more energy than the sun, if you’re only paying attention to the sun for 7 femtoseconds.