The Flash S02E17: Flash Back

Of all the harebrained schemes Barry has come up with, this has got to be the most harebrained yet. Go back in time to consult with the Reverse Flash on how to go faster. Seriously, Barry, what were you thinking? I had forgotten just how menacing Eobard Thawne was, even while in the guise of affable Harrison Wells. Harry-2, while gruff and kind of a dick, was never actually menacing. At least we got to see Eddie again.

Still no mention of the Supergirl trip, but this episode sets us up for that: Barry tries out Thawne’s formula, complete with tachyon device, and jumps universes while trying to go faster. He also apparently time traveled inadvertently, or maybe the universes just that out of phase.

So is Pied Piper supposed to be a good guy now? Did Cisco still kick his ass back in the past?

I liked that it turned out there were consequences from the time travel and hold out hope there may be more we haven’t see yet.

Eddie is the man in the iron mask.

I so hate time travel. Once you allow time travel in a series’ continuity, you get a lot of “it was just a dream” story telling where a lot of conflict and tragedy happens and then gets unwound in the last act. I also hate when characters in a show do really, really stupid things (which describes just about every episode of the Flash so far) So this one might sit on my Tivo for a while…

That’s not what happens in this one. Nothing gets undone…in fact, something interesting gets added.

The solution to the speed equation is 3x2(9yz)4a. Longtime comic book fans recognize this as Johnny Quick’s speed formula (and later his daughter Jesse Quick’s), which gave him superspeed. In the comics, when the Flash added this to his speed, it made him the only one moving in a world stopped still.

And the “time wraith”. Weird!!!

I half expected Piper to say he was meeting Wally instead of his parents.

Time travel has always been an important part of the Flash, perhaps moreso than anyone this side of the Legion or Booster Gold.

I like this show, but the “smart” people do far too many dumb things. And not just dumb things in the heat of the moment, but complex, time consuming dumb things.* This idea was just 70 kinds of stupid. There was no way that he wasn’t going to alter the timeline at least accidentally.

I’ve forgotten, what happened to Pied Piper’s parents in the original timeline?
*(Hey! Guy with the iron mask! Your hands are free. You know they can see you. Spell out your message in the air. Way less time than tapping out some code that they might never figure out.)

Historically, whenever Eobard Thawne (as Wells) called Barry aside to speak with him, it was to issue a reprimand, so I figured he was suspicious.

I was surprised they didn’t show the board again with the list of things Barry had to remember so he didn’t give himself away (the one starting with “Dad still in prison” and ending “No Ronnie/Stein”.) Maybe they’ll show it in an upcoming episode and it’s different somehow.

Yes, Joe should have been more suspicious of Jay. For starters, how was he supporting himself? (Assuming Jay was Jay. I still think he was Everyman2.)

Oh, and something was left off the list of things to remember: Never tell Joe or Iris about this trip.

That may have been the most casual anyone has been about changing the future since Star Trek IV :slight_smile:

The time wraith looked suspiciously like a speedster in a cowl, all withered up and dressed in black rather than red. A black Flash, if you will. :dubious:

Also, I was annoyed at how Barry warned Cisco about Pied Piper breaking out of his cell. I know he doesn’t want Cisco to be hurt, but Cisco wasn’t permanently damaged or anything from the last time, and I think they captured Pied Piper again. But I guess if Barry is dumb enough to think that going back in time to try to get info from a super dangerous villain from the future is a good idea, he’s dumb enough to think that changing minor things is OK.

And I believe in the original timeline Pied Piper was angry at his parents or had been disowned or something, maybe because he was gay, I can’t quite remember. But I part of his becoming a good guy in the new timeline means he’s reconciled with his parents.

I’ll be disappointed if the only change is Pied Piper is a good guy now. I can’t count how many times I said “Damnit Barry,” from him changing the timeline.

Also, I really miss ThawneWells. He was so much more fun to watch than Harry.

I really thought they were going to end with some other change as the stinger, like Barry being greeted at the door by his negligee-wearing fiancée Patty Spivot. Or possibly a negligee-wearing Linda Park. Or a negligee-wearing Caitlin Snow.

A character the show isn’t doing anything especially interesting with at the moment, and who’d look good in a negligee, is what I’m saying. So you set up storytelling opportunities, because “fiancée”, plus, y’know, negligee stuff.


Notice you omitted negligee-wearing Cisco Ramon.

Oh, and this is the second time Barry has tranq darted a version of himself. He keeps this up, and at some point, the other guy’s going to tranq him.

And I’m wondering what past Barry is going to say to Joe when Joe asks him, “So, what was it you did that made that monster angry at you?”

[missing the point entirely]

I said it should be one the show isn’t doing anything interesting with at the moment. Cisco’s power gives him moments in the spotlight, and unique choices – plus he gets any “exposition” line that the writers can give Caitlin or him, only he’s established as having the comic-relief delivery role, going from tech references to pop-culture ones in one sentence. Compare that with Caitlin owning the “looks concerned” role.

[/missing the point entirely]

Or, you know, Pied Piper.

The Black Flash is the term used for Death when it comes for superspeedsters in the DC Universe.

You may have already known that.