The Flash Season 7

So this is how it’s going to be the whole season, just talk the villain down? At least it was Chester who did it since he doesn’t have any powers. And it appears that there are going to be some hidden repurcussions – monkey’s paw style – this time.

Cisco dubbed the new villain the Still Force, which is strange for someone with time-based powers. I would have thought someone like the Turtle would be more appropriate for the moniker. (I think that’s how it was in the comics?) I think the forces are complete now:

  • Speed Force - Nora
  • Strength Force - Fuerza
  • Sage Force - Psych
  • Still Force

Random thoughts:

Not a whole lot of Barry or the Flash this episode. Grant Gustin must have needed a break from production.

How did Chesco buy coffee and a donut in 1998? Their mulicolored big-headed bills from the 21st century would have been regarded as Monopoly money back then.

I noticed last week that you can still see the scar on Danielle Panabaker’s forehead, from when she injured it way back in Season 2. It’s especially noticeable when she’s in Frost makeup.

TFW you’ve talked the villain down from using his mighty powers in a petty way, and he decides to be more ambitious instead.

The time god’s powers had a variety of effects on artifacts - it could be that Cisco’s cash on hand could have been converted to era-appropriate money.

We are talking about bad tweets not something inconsequential like destroying a city.