The Flu

Just so’s no one becomes distraught about my less-than-usual post volume today - I have contracted the deadly flu, and am currently taking the day off of work.

Not so much congestion or cough, just achiness, tiredness, and a sore throat. With possibility of fever.

If symptoms persist, I intend to visit the doctor tomorrow.

'Till then, bedrest and vitamin C, to see if it helps.

No wonder you didn’t e-mail me! But aren’t we self-centered, thinking everyone’s worried about their post count. :wink:

Feelbetter…did you just crawl out of bed?

Don’t forget the liquids. Lots and lots. It’s been a long while since I’ve had something like the flu, but I have found that my time tested remedies work. Ok, it takes a few days, but still. That’s lots of vitamin C, liquids, and sleep. Oh and Nyquil or some such stuff. It works like this: sleep, wake up, pee, take some drugs, get something to drink, sit up a little while, go back to sleep. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

hugs through a biohazard suit

Take it easy and drink plenty of water. I can’t say vitamin C has always helped me but water certainly had. Good ol’ water :slight_smile: Get well soon.

Get better soon!

Oh, and if it’s that avian flu thing, let us know. Don’t wanna spread anything through the SDMB… spritzes sanitizer and mops up around here

I feel like crap today too. I had a sinus infection for several weeks so I finally went to the doctor and got antibiotics, X-treme decongestants, etc. Then while I was on the antibiotics, I got a nasty cold which I’ve been fighting all week. Today I have the sniffles and a crushing headache. I need to go home.

Sorry you have the deadly flu, CandidGamera. I’ve had it a couple of times in the past. Bleh. Take vitamin C, fluids, steamy soup and plenty of MST3K and you’ll probably be much better by Monday.

Maybe Panexa will help?

At least two studies have shown black elderberry extract helps with the flu.

Supposedly it works by blocking the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase proteins on the flu virus which are necessary to enter and exit a host cell. But it is hard to find. You’d have to order it online and by the time it got to you you’d be over the flu.

On another note here are some interesting sites on remedies (along the lines of vitamin C)

I bought elderberry extract at my local Whole Foods Market. If you have a health food store in town they might have it.

Well, wandered into the Doctor today, and received prescription decongestant and antibiotics for my troubles. Throat still hurts unbelievably, though, so I’m dealing with an utterly repulsive Chloroseptic lozenge… I hate those things.

Thanks for the outpouring of concern. :slight_smile:

Are they giant throat scratching pills? Darn doctors. I had to call to snark at mine yesterday. I got to the pharmacy & discovered that, as expected, she prescribed Giant Scratchy Horse pills, so I had a pathetic, weak little hissy fit, via cell phone, right there in the store. She did call in a batch of lovely teeny tiny replacement pills, and the genteel, gracious, very elderly woman next to me in line told me (and I quote) “You go girl! Little Miss Dr. Bigpill is a constant pain in my ass!” :eek:

Try the chloroseptic spray. It’s still nasty, but the taste doesn’t last quite as long.

Unfortunately, the Chloroseptic Spray only works for about five minutes for me. Plus it’s hard to aim, and triggers my gag reflex.

Had difficulty sleeping through the pain last night, so my doc has generously added a steroid regimen to take down the pain and swelling. I have to take it with food, which Amoxicillin makes me twitchy about, but I’ll live.

Gah. Migraine. Another day missed from work… I must go in tomorrow.

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Get better soon :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Exactly why would you be taking amoxycillin??? :confused:

FLU = virus

Anitbiotics fight bacterial infections, not viral infections.


The antibiotics are probably for an infection that accompanied the flu, like a throat or sinus infection. They like to gang up on you.

I was supposed to get a flu shot at work a couple of weeks ago, and they cancelled due to serum shortage…next day I caught the damn flu and it laid me out for a week. I came back in to work today to see they’ve rescheduled flu shots for today, so I jumped in line. Hopefully it will suck up the rest of my flu germans.

Flu SUCKS!!! I was actually grateful to get back to work today. I finally feel like I’m accomplishing something.

Suck up the rest of the flu?



Ear infection accompanying the virus.