The Fluff

This forum “Debates” was relevant in searching the term “The Fluff” --assuming there had been any discussion… My search found discussion on grounded astronants HERE so in the same sense the Fluff comes into play.

The MIT space link has been canceled I guess. My computer is a sex pistol for advertisers and government. So I’ve uploaded the file to rapidshare and will continue to refresh the MIT link if necessary.

Basically, we’re getting fired by the electromagnetic field with a fractal time element.

I think I speak for everybody when I say “What?”

You only speak partially for me.


Huh…I was thinking more along the lines of “wha’chu’talkin’bout, Willis?”. But maybe that’s too much ‘Fluff’…


Not for me, thank you. I say “Guh?”

Galactic magnetic fields are poorly understood and/or modeled.

Gotcha - boy am I relieved now.

OK, without the scientific notation, by looking at the links it appears that the solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that is of some interest to physicists.

I am not clear on what might be the issue for debate. I am not clear that anyone who is not a physicist would be able to follow the OP in any detail. I am, finally, not clear that we have enough physicists on this board to make a debate on whatever the issue might be.

My view is, pretty much, so what?

Did this interstellar cloud turn the OP’s PC into a sex pistol for ‘advertisers and government’? That’s the part I really want to know about.


Er, cloud of what? dryer lint? That could generate a fair amount of electromagnetic energy, I reckon.

I also reckon that this thread has about the least comprehensible opening post I’ve ever seen that was in a language that seems to be English.

Oh, you’re still here?

I thought you left in an incomprehensible, free-association huff after Electromagnet Artifical Intelligence was closed.

What appears to be happening is this cloud has the ability to generate sometimes lethal amounts of EM. Moreover my understand of the Fluff is that it has temporal fractures, which may also account for the repeated ‘wtf’ remarks above. :wink:

The earth is passing through delicious, fattening space.


Is The Fluff anything like The Time Cube??? I am very worried.

The Fluff! The Fluff! The Fluff is on fire!

Do you mean that The Fluff has temporal fractures, or your understanding of The Fluff has temporal fractures? I can believe either one.

IOW, we’re all gonna die.

Got it.

I suggest that instead of doing a OP like this, instead you do a short film along these lines, explaining what’s happening in a succinct but humorous way. It will really get people on board with your ideas.


Sigh. I don’t suppose you might be able to provide us with anything remotely resembling evidence for this claim?

Oooh, look! A windmill! I think I’ll go do some tilting while I wait.

I didn’t realize it because of all the gibberish, but the consisted of a copy-and-paste of a published article. Vahid Tarzan, I’ve cleaned up and shortened the quote in your OP. You violated our copyright policy with that post. Don’t do it again.

Not for very small values of ‘sometimes’.