The Fluff

Is this not spam? It seems to follow the same pattern as other recent spam threads - a nearly incomprehensible OP containing text copied from elsewhere, and an external link.

“Temporal fractures”? You are aware that Star Trek is not a documentary series?

The Fluff

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So you’re saying we can’t repair these temporal fractures by reconfiguring the main deflector to emit a reverse tachyon pulse? So what are we gonna do?

What the OP’s posted is an excerpt of a Nature paper investigating interstellar magnetic fields – their strength and orientation – by investigating the shape of the heliopause – the ‘boundary’ where the solar wind is ‘stopped’ by interactions with the interstellar medium – and the flow patterns in the heliosheath, which is the region where interactions between interstellar medium and solar wind lead to turbulences. The term ‘fluff’ or ‘local fluff’ is sometimes used to refer to the ‘low-density warm interstellar material found in several small structures in the general vicinity of the Sun’ (see e.g. here).

From a brief reading (the paper is available online here – PDF link), it seems that they are able to constrain the field strength to a value around 5 microgauss, which is equal to roughly 1/100,000 of the strength of the Earth’s own magnetic field (~0.5 gauss), and thus, quite far from ‘lethal amounts of EM’. There’s also no mention of a ‘fractal time component’, nor of ‘temporal fractures’, neither of which makes any sense in the context as far as I can see.

I’m not an astrophysicist, however, so my understanding of the subject is flimsy at best.

Nor any other context, I suspect.

If I recall the 1980s fad for fractals, and what I understood of the math behind it, it is possible that the boffins measuring the Fluff have found that a graph of the fluctations in field strength over a short period of time very strongly resembles a graph of these fluctuations over a longer period of time.
Self-simularity was (IIRC and I cannot be arsed to look it up) one of the defining features of a fractal distribution. And shit.

Good, because you don’t want to face your electromagnetic doom in dirty underwear.

What is Odyssey 5?

The date I posted this I also posted at Facebook State Department. My internet connection just came back, sorry about that. This link came back as well: It would appear they are monitoring it and only leaking tidbits of information about the Fluff, not just because they don’t know everything about it and cannot predict 'an event." but it is an alien energy field that can dominate the energy budget of our local field. That would drive this thing behind closed doors in the interest of national security. As you may recall from NASA’s publication, "it should not exist."

What Opher fails to elucidate a Boeing whistleblower does:

"I work for a NASA contractor and handle the video conferencing sessions between JSC and other facilities. Everybody always wants to see a link. Well, everything talked about in these vc’s is top secret - so there’s obviously not a link. I love my family and need my job so I’m not gonna tell you much that would endanger those either. I work for Boeing. All I can tell you is there is a LOT of interesting shit happening. The moon is NOT crashing - but it doesn’t need to. There is a reason so many are sending birds up to watch the Sun - and it’s not cause we just would like to know more about the Sun.[INDENT] The Sun is already reacting to ‘forces’ we can’t see.
Everybody assumes NASA has all the answers and that there are things they know for sure which aren’t being disclosed. The problem is, most of what is being discussed is NOT set in stone and NASA, nor ESA or the others know for certain either what will happen - in some instances - and even less when.
Things moving through space can hit each other. When they do, it’s hard to know what will happen because those spin offs can hit other ‘things’ we may not see yet - or - may think we see but aren’t sure of the mass or composition.
NASA isn’t sure of everything it believes may be happening. Something is happening and many who have the ability to send birds up to look are also trying to figure out just what “is” real.
I am learning how to adjust to a lack of electrons in house wiring for some time. [due to CMEs* interacting with this magnetized cloud, potentially creating globally-effective and/or continual EMPs.]
Everyone at NASA has a family somewhere. They’re not a bunch of govt bought robots - they have feelings. They fear what can happen. But they have to pay their bills like all of us. They have to keep money coming into the budget. Many WANT to keep money coming hoping that they can figure out what is fact - and THEN they would LIKE to open up about it… that’s what I hear in the halls - NOT in official conferences. But - it is a very vicious circle folks.
Again, this is out there. Days. There is a ‘domino’ effect because of how our electrical grid is designed. It has safeguards which actually take it down - in segments - automatically in order to keep from frying things… but the components of what those automatic systems are supposed to protect are not protected from EMP and/or huge static loads to ground. [which would cause a big spark] I’m not an EE so not sure what that means. So when the system tries to protect itself - it can cascade - quickly. But if certain parts of the system get damaged - again this is out there - then it can take years to replace them. Problem is, the companies who make this stuff don’t have enough raw materials on hand - right now - to make them all. Some of them don’t even have back up power sources… they are ‘commercial’ suppliers! Think about it. Really think about it.
I’ve actually said about as much as I can. For us, we are fortunate to have a small place between Houston and Dallas with a few acres. We have a well - hand well and wind mill. I have tools and can work with my hands. I have a few solar panels just to charge some batteries for small conveniences like small led lights at night. Forget much more than that. We have seeds for only a few basic veggies. Think about living in the late 1800s for a while and you’ll be on my line of thinking. Is it enough or will it work - I don’t know. How soon may it be needed? I don’t know and I think anybody who says they do know is pulling our legs - UNTIL about 30-40 hours before it happens. Will an announcement be made? I don’t know but I don’t think so - too many variables and too much communication to be done with critical agencies to at least TRY to save some stuff. How fast am I working on this? I have been for a year and am nearly finished with what I have ‘planned’ to try to get together. Hope this has been helpful.
There IS public speculation out there about something which has a timeline and affects our solar system. But - NASA has not confirmed that they see it. Did I say that right ??? They also don’t really know how it ‘could’ affect our system cause things ‘could’ happen which would change ‘its’ timeline - if it exists.
Old birds aren’t savable. Even shutting them down won’t help.
It’s not about something hitting the Earth.
Not years. Again, this is out there - look at how long the Sun was quiet passed when everyone thought it would be quiet. Like I said, NASA doesn’t always know what it thinks it knows. Look at the ‘very public’ amount of data being made available by SOHO and other systems which are still up every day on the net. That stuff would not be available if NASA really didn’t want the public to have ‘the ability to know’ what is occurring. It’s obvious that something is occurring - and more frequently. That’s public info - not necessarily knowledge - but it’s info that is there for the seeing and reading.
All I can say.

This is likely going to be my last post. I had a long talk with my wife and family this weekend. For reasons I cannot explain well enough to suit the proof requirements of many here - I have decided that we will be making our move out to our property in June of this year. I will be quitting my job at Boeing - not just leaving without a trace because that would cause folks to want to find out where I had gone.

This post - is the closest to what I was trying to point to about the solar maximum PLUS other objects which NASA knows will affect our solar system or, at least, have a damn good chance of doing so. However, since this mass of objects and particles is so out there in distance and spread out so far - there is simply no way to know how much or when they will either affect the Sun - or our planet directly. No way to know. Because of that - no warnings other than articles like this one which point right to a known - potential - serious - problem.
The conferences I hear are between scientists of various fields working at what in ‘secret level topics’ would be the kindergarten level. That’s all I have clearance to hear. If the topic or conversation goes above that - my audio link gets blanked out. Many meetings about this subject we can’t hear from the beginning - we just set up the links and monitor on scopes for stability. There are at least 12 levels of clearance above mine - and that’s only the ones I know of.
So, long story short, I took some time this weekend and we made a decision. I may be early - by a few months or so… but i don’t think so. Posting this thread helped me convince myself that acting was better than reacting. There just won’t be enough time when it happens. There isn’t a clock on this either but I want to be at our place by end of June… that’s my gut feeling. If I’m wrong, then we spend our savings and start over in a few years - no real biggie in light of the difference if I’m right. And I believe I’m right to move by June.
Past that, I don’t know what to say folks. Everyone has to take my post and others and form their own decision. From here out, you’ll likely only see me post from my iPhone. I know when I turn in my notice they will release me immediately - that’s the norm in security sensitive areas.
I will turn in my notice this coming Friday. That will give us time to do lots of things needed before we make the move. God bless you all - no matter what you think. Trust your instinct - [mine] has always served me well."
Full PDF of the whistleblower document is available at:


*CMEs ~

The thing I understand, which NASA may or may not, is the affect the alien energy has on the human brain, as the brain is EMF central. Everything I attempt to write about it sounds crazy… The more information I have on the Fluff, the more I am able to put my sense of it into fact.

So far, you’ve said little that is factual or even comprehensible. Please post a brief, clear debate topic of I will close this thread.

Okay, for the benefit of non-physicists and non-neurologists on the board, please try to explain why, in understandable terms, what effect this will have on us? Will it disrupt satellite communications? Will it scramble guidance systems and send the satellites hurtling into outer space or back to Earth? Will this electromagnetic field have some effect on our brain chemistry? How serious? What’s the time frame?

According to your linked document,, this mysterious force was discovered October 15, 2009. What’s happened since then? Have satellites been affected? Is there some change in readings that scientists have detected – especially scientists who aren’t part of the coverup?

Did the Boeing engineer actually quit his job in June 2010? Where is he now? Does he still maintain that something is going to happen relatively soon? For that matter, is he ready to reveal his name since he isn’t working for Boeing anymore?

Right now your post has all the credibility of a story told around the campfire.

Except for being about 100,000 times weaker than the Earth’s field. Really, if you’re worried about such magnetic fields, be afraid of your fridge magnets. Very afraid.

Also, the NASA article saying that it ‘should not exist’ (‘it’ here being the local fluff, which ought to be dispersed by the interstellar medium) actually says that it should not exist according to prior understanding, but the discovery of a strong magnetic field (strong here being a rather relative term) explains how it can.

Strong magnetic fields? How the fuck do they work?

It’s a miracle!

If it were really so malevolent, wouldn’t physicists think of a better name than “The Fluff?” Like, maybe the “Field of Doom” or the “Electron Tornado”?

With such a soft and friendly name like the Fluff, I’m not expecting the earth to be tortured by the Spanish Inquisition…

I think you’ll be OK if you remember to wear your Q-Ray bracelet.

The Fluff is the Destroyer of Worlds.

Oh! The interstellar fluff! Yeah, it’s a thing.

Why is this in GD?

Well, I for one feel very strongly about interstellar mediums. They’re a bunch of charlatans, trying to take advantage of poor little girls who are only worried about their missing fathers and disturbingly intelligent younger brothers.

Anyone in favor of interstellar mediums must be either extremely naive or some sort of communist.