The Fluff

Yeah. It’s like finding out that the four horsemen of the apocalypse are actually the Tellytubbies.


Of course they are, I thought everybody knew that.

No no, the line you want is, “I am become Fluff, destroyer of worlds.” (And I’m ashamed to say, it’s been done before.)

That is one surly puppy.

Have you ever considered that there might be a really, really simple explanation for this?

The important question here has not been asked!

The important question is, does the existence of interstellar Fluff imply the existence of interstellar Fluffers?

And doesn’t the existence of interstellar Fluffers lend credence to the Big Bang Theory?

While really drunk.

And let’s not forget that stars are just big balls of gas.

When I was small, I always wanted to Fluff the Magic Dragon.

Good thing you didn’t, unless you always wanted hairy palms…


That was my first though! I wonder if there is a unifying theory . . . Time Fluff? Fluff Cube?

Fluffy Time?

Soooo…no, then.

It is hard to report to our government what our government will fail to disclose.
Any terrorist could disable individual towns or cities electrical defenses unnoticed in anticipation of the next Fluff breach.

How is it that you’re sure there actually IS something that is being kept secret.

If the government is keeping it so tightly under wraps, how do YOU know about it?

Stationed next to powerlines that peaked 10+mG into my living area. That’s one thing, the presence of lethal amounts of radiation in the US from Japan, another.

This whole article has absolutely nothing to do with the fluff, which only has effects beyond the heliosphere – within our solar system, the solar wind sweeps the area clean, so to speak. What’s reported in the article is interesting, but merely points to the fact that the interaction of the Sun’s and Earth’s magnetic field are poorly understood – which really isn’t that much of a shocker; it’s like the weather: the basic principles are known, but every once in a while, freak storms occur. It’s just a consequence of the complexity of the system.

And how exactly would terrorists utilise these breaches? As far as I know, nobody knows how to predict them, and I’m not aware of any terrorist organization with a huge emphasis on astrophysical research…

Which is almost 1/50th as strong as the Earth’s magnetic field, at least; still, your fridge magnets are 5000 times stronger than that, and if you ever need an MRI…

What got to the USA were tiny trace amounts, much lower than what, say, your own body emits, or what you’re exposed to by other natural sources on a daily basis.

You’re using the logic the government taught you in school because that’s the sort of reasoning they want you to make. Think about it, man, THINK ! We’re through the rabbit hole and down the looking glass here, people.

Don’t be ridiculous. He’s obviously talking about Godzilla attacks. That breath is whole lot worse than what you get from natural exposure.

Another thing is my cast iron pan. And the goat down the street for me? That’s a thing too. So is this tree I’m looking at, and also the prevailing weather patterns over southern West Virginia. Those are ALL things, and equally relevant to the discussion at hand.