The flying monkeys! Someone stole the plans! Hey Skaldy!!!

The flying monkeys! Someone stole the plans! Hey Skaldy!!!


Awesome! I want at least one!

“No Bob, the DoD didn’t mean this when they asked us for an armed drone”

Yeah, that article twice refers to this as an “armed drone”, which makes me wonder whether English is the author’s first language.


Which, even if worded coherently, doesn’t seem like something I’d agree with. Flying cars, jetpacks, moonbases… flying robots with arms seem like they’d be some way down most people’s lists.

It reminds me of an imperial probe droid.

Great. Scumbags will fly over neighborhoods seeing what they can grab out of backyards or off decks.

I only see it once, near the bottom, and I’m pretty sure it’s a joke. It looks like that sort of publication. (It is, after all, just a site to sell odd items.)

Ah. Yes, it does a bit. Though there’s something about the arms that remind me of the legs of a bird – possibly an eagle.

Lower down, below the 2nd and 3rd video, it says

Once might be meant to be a joke (I mean, not a good one, obviously), but using it twice like that, coupled with the awkward phrasing and punctuation, suggests (to me anyway) that the writer genuinely thinks “armed” is a natural way to convey “having arms” rather than “bearing weapons”.

OK, I gotta see one of those go up against the Dutch attack raptors. :smiley: