The Fnord Thread

This thread…

Got me thinking…

What are my fellow dopers’ definitions and/or examples of Fnords?

Fnord is the atheist afterlife.
Fnord is where from White Holes emit matter.
Fnord is the mood shift from :confused: to :eek: to :smack: .
Fnord is the “whup-whup-whup” sound Huey Choppers made in Viet Nam.
Fnord is almost but not quite the name of the lovable unborn boy living in hell found in the webcomic “Jack”

Fnord is the silhouetted shape that’s been sitting in a parked car down the street for the past three hours.
Fnord is the black rectangle at the other end of the pedestrian underpass late at night.
Fnord is the squeal of the fax machine that keeps trying to call your number.
Fnord is the thick manila envelope with no return address.
Fnord is your boss and whutzizname from Human Resources quietly talking and every so often glancing in your direction.
Fnord is the six guys that spill out of the bar just as you are walking past.

Fnord is…

Fnord is the space between “Viet” and “nam”.

I almost didn’t see this thread…

C’mon, you knew someone was going to say it…

Fnord is the satisfied feeling you get from the first sip of the first beer of the day.

Fnord is the sound jingle bells make when they’re holding still.

Fnord is the flavor of sidewalks.

Fnord is that paper wrapped thing in the back of your freezer that you can’t remember what it is.

Fnord is what flys are thinking about.

Fnord is the kinetic energy of maracas.

Fnord is what cigarette butts decompose into.

Fnord is the dying spark of a light bulb that’s burning out.

Fnord is the conversation that ceases when you enter the room.

Fnord is the place where youth goes when middle-age hits.

Fnord is the contents of the memory you can’t quite remember.

Fnord is the empty disc that holds all your erased files.

Fnord is