The food pyramid

Often in paleo diets (and my “Belly Fat Cure” diet) they don’t eat ANY of the “most important” part of the pyramid… the bottom part (bread, cereal, rice, pasta)

We’re meant to have 6-11 servings per day but I have NONE.

Also in many diets such as my diet and I think in the Mediterranean diet we have quite a lot of “healthy” fats. (avocado, nuts (with about 70-80% fat), butter, olive oil, etc)

Is it a coincidence that obesity became a problem when the government started promoting this “healthy” eating pyramid? (something like that)

(I also have a lot of servings of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, etc - not just 2-3 servings - besides fats and vegetables, that is most of my diet)


Oy vey. What’s next? Pitting blood letting as a cure for diseases? The food pyramid has been obsolete for years.

Besides, it wasn’t the food pyramid that was a problem, per se, but the elimination of fats and ramping up sugars. “Low Fat” processed foods are typically chock full of sugar, especially HFCS. The food pyramid didn’t tell people to start drinking 32 OZ sodas.

What about this one then?

It’s from 2005 and seems to say to eat at least twice as many grains as meats (and beans). Yet as I mentioned I and people on paleo diets eat ZERO grains (and no beans).

Also one of my points is not that it might be related to obesity, it is that many people have ZERO of what they say to have heaps of yet I consider myself to be healthy.

The paleo diet is a fad diet. There is nothing at all wrong with grains and beans: they’re healthy for you, yummy, and, in fact, beneficial by being filling. They satisfy hunger, and thus assist dietary discipline.

Why can’t you just keep your diet issues to one thread?

My main point is not that grains are definitely bad. I am saying they aren’t necessarily REQUIRED to be healthy but that is what those food pyramids seem to say. Also hunter gatherers are often on a paleo diet so in isn’t always a fad diet.

Belly fat. It’s what’s for dinner.

Kibble on the bottom, garbage on top … eat more kibble than garbage or your asshole will get raw.

Dang, JC. You seem to have a monomania about diets. I’d suggest you pick up a new hobby. Have you considered exercising regularly?

Besides being a fad, it’s also rubbish. None of the stuff you’ll supposedly be eating on this diet is what the cavers did; it’s not just humans that evolve. And that’s not to mention that cavers in different parts of the world ate different stuff.

I’m eating heaps of the things on top (healthy) fats and zero of what’s on the bottom yet I think I’m healthier than when I followed the food pyramid. And my asshole isn’t raw.

This can’t be healthy. The obsessive focus on Your Diet, 24-7, to the point where you have 2 scales. In all seriousness, talk to your doctor (both of them).

What has this got to do with me pitting food pyramids? Also I think the fats I eat now are healthier than what I used to focus on (margarine), etc, etc. I think it is good to compare scales. I found that some mechanical scales in a store differed by 5 kg!

A moment ago you mentioned your asshole. Could you unpack that for us a bit?

It’s good to see someone finally getting to the bottom of the Great Scale Scandal of the 21st Century.

(Channeling William Daniels as John Adams in 1776)

Oh, good God!

All 10 of them?

This is the Pit. Discussion frequently moves in directions unenvisaged by the OP.

Let’s take a look at your OP and see why this might be happening, other than the dozen or so other threads that you have opened recently on Your Diet-TM.

Here’s your problem. This isn’t a Pit OP. It’s a series of statements about what you’re eating, the diet you are following, etc. A blog post of sorts. Since you already have a Pit thread going about Your Diet-TM, this thread is a mystery. Unless, of course, what you really wanted to do was ask a question or start a new thread about Your Diet-TM without running into a Mod who would shut that shit down. Since you seem to be skating by in the Pit, I’m going to be cynical and go with that. You’re unable to stop posting on Your Diet-TM and we will now be treated to an endless stream of diet Pit threads.

Can you at least TRY to follow some sort of Pit format? I pit “other people’s stupid diets” because “reasons that are NOT that they eat things differently than I do.”

With their average lifespan of 30 years.

A fine analysis. Bravo!!