The Fool-Proof Plan To Get Rich!

So, at the vending machine to get cookies this morning, I was down to my last nickel. It was a Canadian nickel. Had no choice so put it in the machine. It worked!

So, with the exchange rate of US$100 = CAN$123.74 I figure I have the fool-proof plan to get rich!

I drive to Canada, get US$100 worth of Canadian nickels, then bring them back and feed the vending machines, go on the street and sell the candy and cookies for full price, then drive back to Canada, get US$123 worth of Canadian nickels, drive back and repeat the process.

Soon I will have the money of Bill Gates! Soon I will be rich! Soon, I will be able to drive to Canada in my sleep!

Is that a fool-proof plan, or what?

Maybe you should just cut out the middleman and move to Canada.

No. :stuck_out_tongue:

Them round trips would get mighty expensive after a while.

Hmm…good point.

OK, so I hitch hike to Canada to get the nickels! There. NOW the plan is fool-proof!

I’ll admit I was pretty happy the day I discovered that the washing machines in my building will accept Canadian quarters. I usually end up with Canadian quarters either given in change someplace or from the change machine in the building. I always feel kind of guilty about giving someone else a Canadian quarter. So it was a happy day I discovered that the washing machines would take the Canadian quarter.

OK then…I will pick up a couple rolls of quarters while I am there so you can do free laundry, if you promise to do my laundry!

This plan just keeps gettin’ better and better!

Oh come on. You think it’s just some kind of coincidence that the Canadian and US coins are the same size??? They’re just waiting for someone like you to fall into their trap.

It’s all part of their plan, it’s part of the global conspiricy. In fact, I think is was the Blinderberg group that decided Canadian nickels and US nickels would be the same size (and I think that the beaver is a Masonic tailsmand…but I’ve probably said too much already).