The Force Unleashed oddities, open spoilers

Unlike a lot of people, I enjoyed this game. Sure, I beat it in 8 hours, but that was OK because I rented it for 9 dollars, which is not bad value for the money. The controls are loose and messy, the camera is unhelpful but not disastrous, and the stages vary widely in fun.


What the heck was up with the ending plot. It was like they got most of the wayt through and then hd no idea what to do. Seriously? The Rebels knew about the Death Star for months or years and just didn’t bother to mention it to anyone? The Emperor having indisputable proof that Bail Organa and Mon Mothma were traitors and not immediately unleashing his forces and issuing death warrants? The Secret Apprentice’s codename being used all of twice in the entire stupid game? Me kicking the pants off both the Emperor AND Vader and then being kilt off by the magic of cutscenes? The iuncredibly ba cutscenes? The incredible weird “Let’s-all-pretend-this-ship-has-a-cloaking-device” bit.

On the other hand, I loved some of the lines.

Starkiller: “You never intended to betray the Emperor!”
Vader: “Not with you, no.”

PROXY: “I hate being that guy.” [Vader]
Starkiller: “I think he does, too.”

Does Vader really touch his apprentice on the shoulders with a lightsaber beam, like in the commercials?


Yes, he does. Well, not touch, exactly.

Anyway, wrong forum.

The other weirdness is the boss fights. These are simultaneously the best and worst aspect fot he game. When they’re good, they are incredibly cool, as you can see yourself in a life-or-death struggle with mighty bosses with incredible visuals. But oh, lordy-loo do they ever get boring after a while. You can do little more than chip away at most boss’s health except via Quick TIme Events. These are cool-looking enough that they aren’t real bad and are very forgiving, but some of tem must be repeated a dozen times. Other attacks do nothing, since bosses (with a couple exceptions) block all but one lightsaber attack in 20. Most force-based attacks do not work, although Force Lightning will get some damage through now and then. That’s what I wound up killing with.

I’m not done with the game. I took a pause from the final Vader fight, mostly because I know it’s gonna take a long time (asper SB’s post about boos fights).

What I wonder is, how well does this fit the canon? The Sith apprentice having a sub-apprentice. And the emperor not noticing? Well, I guess he was in on it, but still.

And as with all the prequels, there’s still a problem with the audience knowing that both emperor and Vader will survive.

There’s nothing enforcing the Rule of Two, the Sith only follow it because it’s in their best interests to avoid the weak Sith banding together and knocking off the strong.

Hmm I won’t read the thread for fear of Open Spoilers. I am enjoying the game. The only thing I have to complain about is the lack of grabbing ledges like in Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia. That ability woudl have made this the sickest game ever.

I hope I don’t beat the whole game in 8 hours. That owuld suck, because I bought it :wink: