The fun and foibles of AOL headlines.

This is the “top story” headline on AOL’s welcome screen right now. A wussy little Paint screenshot of it. I thought this was too funny not to share. :smiley:

Did they put a gift-bow on it? chuckles
Or did they just use Saran Wrap?

<< Meow. >>


Oh, man. Now I’m picturing the heartwarming Hallmark Christmas ads… “Give the unforgettable gift of child abuse this Christmas.”

Nightsong, thanks for making me feel even dirtier than I already did. :smiley:

The same, in GIF instead of BMP.

Did you read any of the story? Jeeeeeeez! A special “process” to defrock “notorious priests.” They’ll leave it up to local diocese if the priest is “not notorious.”

Errrrrrr…Pope etal…excuse me…child molestation is ALWAYS notorious. What are they thinking…why those…[sub]calm down Swamp ol’ boy, this is not the pit[/sub]

I didn’t read any of it… don’t use AOL. (On a serious note: ‘not notorious’? Sounds like an excuse to be able to cover things up to me…)

(Back to light-heartedness.)

Special proccess makes me think of processed cheese, which then leads my mind to Cheese Wiz. Cheese Wiz and Saran Wrap. Ugg. What an image.

Ut-oh. See what you started RaCha’ar!

(:smiley: Sorry, I just have this habit of taking things rather… er… literal in a funny sense, if that makes any sense. Maybe I should have been an English Lit. professor.)

<< The knee bone is connected to the… >>

Band name!!!

There was another headine yesterday that read “Stuntmen Finger Robert Blake”

I said to myself “oh lord…don’t they have an editor with a brain?”

ROFLMAO!!! Thanks for the laugh.

BWAHHAHAHAHA! Oh, man. That’s my first LOL of the day. AOL’s always good for this stuff.

Actually, I just went to look out of curiosity, and the top Entertainment headline right now is “No Mental Exam for Love.” Of course, they’re talking about Courtney Love, but I did a triple-take when I looked at it the first time…

Am I the only one unnerved by the thought of these priests being ‘defrocked’?

I mean, isn’t that what got them into trouble in the first place?

That’s a difficult thing to find.


:: D&R::

(I’m a newspaper photographer. I work with editors daily.)