The Future of Buffy

(thread title changed due to complaints of spoilers. – Uke)

mmmmmm…Eliza Dushku

I don’t know about this. I’ve heard there are rumors about Faith taking over the show, but I’ve also heard other rumors,
Potential Spoiler Ahead:

which indicate that Faith is going to make a “sacrifice” at the end season.

I’m not sure if that counts as a spoiler because I can’t seem to locate my source, also I heard it over the summer, so who knows.

You know what’s distressing? I was watching the Buffy Season 3 DVD and they had some behind the scenes shots of her, and she didn’t look very good. This shocked me greatly because I’m a big Dushku fan :smiley:

I noticed the exact same thing, Meatros. I like Faith’s character, but still, I much prefer the Spike+Willow show that exists in my head.

Am I the only one that has a Faith+Willow show in his or her head?

Should I have even mentioned that?

I was amazed when I was told that was Eliza playing Ah-nold’s daughter in ‘True Lies’. I never would have made the connection myself.

I can see that Faith coming back to the show would be necessary in resolving the “slayer-wrongness” that caused the 1st evil to get a hard-on. My guess is that the Faith line is the true slayer line, and somehow Buffy has to give up her Slayerness or die or some such thing for the 1st to slink away.

Well, NOW I do!

So do they keep the name of the show as “Buffy”? I mean, as I understand it, there’s not going to be a Buffy (at least regularly)…

I imagine that quite often myself…although in my imagination, vampire slaying is no longer the focus of the show.

Also Faith and Willow flit around in g-strings and funky outfits…

Also, am I the only one who heard Britney Spears was going to be on the show for a few episodes??

I’m hoping it’s totally not true though. I could hardly handle Ashante being on the show. Ashante wasn’t bad mind you, I just don’t like the idea of BTVS or Angel whoring out their shows to singer who want to become actors.

Oddly, I have no problem with this. The Show Must Go On … and doing so with an interesting character that already has a big place in the series sounds like a great idea.

She is still the Slayer, after all. And it would seem they may actually allow Buff to “retire” into semi-obscurity and a normal life as she and Joyce had discussed in Season 3. Also cool.

Allowing a place for the other characters to come back - neat-o!

I’m liking this idea.

I think they would probably change it. BTW does anyone know if SMG is definitely not returning?

Can’t wait for those Sarah Michelle Geller cameos to add to the, uh, action.

Hey now there is a thought. And did I imagine it or was there a rumor some time ago abut a “Faith” offshoot anyway?

As I understand it, it would have been two seasons ago. She would have played Warren’s first android.

This Faith news, if it’s true (I’ve been teased on this before) would be the best news I’ve heard all week. Except for the bit about more Sarah Michelle Gellar movies.

I doubt it’s true. This is the first I’ve heard of it, except for wild rumors. Besides, the general feel from UPN is that they aren’t going to renew, and SMG said herself that she hasn’t decided anything yet—contract negotiations start in March.

Slightly OT:

Does anybody know what’s the situation with the Ripper show that was supposed to star Giles?

Also, the article is mistaken. Faith is back for 5 eps, not 3. I think they just picked up on some internet rumors and reported them.

Well that’s good news!

I don’t believe the article, either. I think they got hold of a bad rumor. Dushku has a not-insignificant movie career going. They still mention “Faith” in every article they write about her, but it’s still press. And whenever they interview Joss Whedon, he always words it as “we’d love to have Eliza back on the show because we love working with her,” not “we’d love to rework the entire show casting her as the main character.”

The funny thing is that two or so years ago, I would’ve thought this was the greatest thing ever. Faith was one of my favorite characters in the series, and whenever Dushku was in a scene with one of the “regular” cast, it was really obvious how much better an actor she is than any of the others, except maybe for Juliet Landau. The regular cast is fine and even good in spots, but it’s like a different level – it was most obvious in the one where Buffy & Faith switched bodies; for the first time in the series I thought Buffy was actually believable and sympathetic, while Faith went back to being a stereotypical bad girl.

After seeing “Angel” and “Firefly” and the last couple of seasons of “Buffy,” though, I don’t really care to see the show continue, with or without her. The best they could do, as far as I can tell, would be to have Faith repeating the same old “redemption” schtick that quickly got tiresome on “Angel,” because the writers just keep going around in circles. Unless they could significantly improve the writing and plotting of the series, no thanks.