The Future of Buffy

I don’t know how much crossover there is between Buffy and Green Lantern but…

Is it just me or do the Buffy / Faith characters remind you of the Hal Jordan/Guy Gardner characters?

Gee, I was thinking that all good things must come to an end. I’m hoping that this is BtVS’s last year and that it ends on a high note.

I suppose it does have to end some time soon. I mean, all the slayers die rather young, right?

There’s utterly no chance for a Buffy the nursing-home slayer

Well, I like it with SMG, but the show certainly doesn’t need her to be a great show. I would also like to see Andrew become a permanent cast member. He’s said himself he wants to attone for his actions, and that he’s good now. Think about it, Faith replaces Buffy, and Andrew replaces Anya (although admittidly I’d much rather have Anya…much more fun to look at. :))
Also, if Wood was a perm. member that would also be cool. Think about it, now there would be another big-guy who is good at killing things, kinda like having that army-guy back.

SMG is maybe the least interesting character on the show. I don’t dislike her, but I agree the show could be OK without her.

Yeah. Look at how well Chico and the Man did without Chico.

Okay, bad example.

No! Some of us just don’t know how or when to let go, and we want to milk it until it’s a desiccated hulk of its former self.

So fie on your hopes!

I’m with ya Stoid! Even thought a long tenure ruined the X-files, I don’t think I could handle life without BTVS. I wouldn’t know how to face all of the situations life threw at me, if I were not able to rely on my weekly Buffy-fix…