The future of the Republican party looks...

… pretty much like the past of the Republican party. Only older.

I’ve heard but haven’t bothered to confirm that Ann Coulter was originally supposed to speak but she got booted for speaking at HOMOCON (who came UP with that title?) and isn’t sufficiently homophobic for them. If Ann Coulter is too moderate… Well, I won’t even finish that statement.

Looks like someone filled their bathtub with hot chocolate, tossed in one mini marshmallow, and reversed the colors.

Victoria Jackson?

I think I remember her being a big birther before the 2008 election. I could be misremembering.

But she’s the future, man! The FUTURE!

She’s a nutcase:

bleak in the long run. The percentage of registered Republicans in Orange County dropped to 43%, the lowest in 70 years. Cite. 45% of the people there don’t speak English at home.

John Wayne’s statue in his airport has been reported to weep. :slight_smile:

No, no. She’s the brilliant mind of the Republican party, well versed at shaping public policy which will see the country through to a bright and prosperous future!

She is the best, the brightest that they have to offer. The top of the pile, the creme de la creme, the mover and shaper of the party apparatus.

Otherwise they would not have her in such a prominent position. Would they?

Dude, I have no argument with that. All I said was that she’s a nutcase.

I really want to see a debate between her and Al Franken. That would be awesome.

There’s a guy named Molotov Mitchell in there. He can speak at any conference I ever organize on name recognition alone.

This convention is run by World Net Daily. It’s the Republicans’ irresponsible attack dogs, not the party itself.

I noticed that scumbag Jerome Corsi will be a speaker.

I’m sorry … HOMOCON? What in the name of Oscar Wilde is HOMOCON?

I noticed that. I thought he was supposed to be a big time Hillary supporter?

Apparently it’s a convention for right-wing gay folk. A group of people I seriously, seriously do not understand.

Well, that linked picture does cover much of the lunatic social-con wing of the Republican Party.

If, however, you are interested in learning more about (what I hope will be) the future of the Republican Party with regards to the Presidency, then look at what Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana is doing. (Still can’t see Bobby Jindal winning the nom, and if you mention Romney to me, I’ll just start laughing at you. Hey, maybe the Republicans are dumb enough to run Palin or Huckabee out there again?)

Daniels’ll be term-limited out of the Governor’s office in 2012, just in time for the Presidential Election, and Daniels doesn’t strike me as the Ventura/Fred Thompson type, where they tried the public service thing for a few terms and then went back to what it was they normally did. 'Course if he’s interested in running, and not being coy about the idea, he needs to get on the stick with the fundraising. At least, unlike our prior two Presidents, Daniels has a passing familiarity with the concept of a balance sheet…

Hopefully you heard it here first (that’s most of the fun of these sorts of threads.)

The Republican Party: Older, Whiter, Stupider!

If they win, Carol Stream will return.

Hey, they don’t want to be taxed more to pay for poor straight folks’ welfare babies!


It must be difficult to find a hall that can accomodate all 10 of them.