the generous stranger

My son bought a trike(the plastic kind for kids about 3 years old, he’s 9)from the thrift store to bike around our niehgborhood in.(We live on a circle)
Saturday he decided to go around the back. Just then this woman was checking her mail.
She said "Does your son need a bigger bike?
I said yes, but we cant afford one.
She said she had a bike at her mothers and would get it for us Monday.
Well, yesterday she came over and told us to come and get it.
It was new. She’d just bought it. For my son.
We’ve never seen her before!
I was like, I can’t beleive youre doing this!

You know, I thought at first I had clicked on the pit and I just had to see the rant against a generous stranger. What a nice way to be wrong! What a lovely person to have done this for your son!

Good to know there are still kind people in this world :slight_smile:

That’s really wonderful to hear. :slight_smile: