"The Gin Game." Anybody seen it?

How did you like it? Does it lend itself easily to community theatre?

I’ve been offered the part of Weller Martin in a local community theatre production, and I’m unsure if I can handle it. But it would be a feather in my cap, if I do it. I think I can, and the director certainly thinks I can.

Any thoughts, help, warnings?

I havn’t seen performed. I read it. You and one other person on stage for most of the play. Sounds grueling. I bet you can do it. The director seems to have confidence in you. Go for it.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Beck.

It would be grueling. All those lines, one set, nothing but dialogue (though apparently, I do get to throw the card table across the stage at one point).

I’ve done lots of community theatre, but never starred–secondary named characters, the chorus, Spear Carrier Number 3, and so on. Now, I’d be one of only two on stage. It would be a nice performance to add to my resume.

I should note that I was offered the part on the basis of my voice. I’ve done voice acting and voiceovers before, but always in a recording studio with a script in front of me. I can handle the voice, no problem. But memorizing all those lines, and putting them into the correct voice, and acting at the same time–that’s the challenge.

Still thinking about it. I have until Friday to decide.

well mary tyler moore and dick van dyke did a film version for pbs and the reviews were :the story left a lot to be desired although the performances were great ………
its about a couple of bitter old people who only have each other left and what they missed out on in life told through a series of card games ………

Hey, howsabout a spoiler alert next time!


Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

And for that you have your co-star and the director to help, and you get time, and rehearsals to get it right.

Go for it! (can I get your autograph?)

The only time I’ve toured as a sound engineer, I was with a Broadway show with half a truck full of staging. We played lots of 1 and 2 nighters, and there are plenty of other shows out on the road playing the same theaters just before or after us. We really envied the guys with the Gin Game, with their table and 2 chairs.

Ah, but when and under what circumstances, does that happen? :wink:

I’ve decided to take the role. We had a read-through tonight, and it went well. Though we were both doing cold reads, the woman playing Fonsia and I seemed to work well together, to the point where we were forgiving each other’s gaffes, and ad-libbing around them to get back to where the script told us we needed to be.

So, rehearsals for the next couple of months, then we do it in November. Should be fun!

Is one of her lines “heyyyyyyyy!”?
J/K, congratulations on taking the part. Enjoy yourself.