The girl in my bed and I pumped three times when all was said and done.

The other night, this gal who happened to be in my bed suggested that we could use a glass of water. Of course, I didn’t want to go and neither did she. The resolution? Rock, Paper, Scissors, of course.

Now, I usually like to explain to anyone with whom I am about to play Rock, Paper, Scissors (whether they are in my bed or elsewhere) that it is three pumps, then go. It’s best to be clear, I think. Now, GirlInBed expressed some dissatisfaction, believing that it should be two pumps, and then go on the third.

So, I am pretty certain I’m correct about how it should be played, I was wondering how you folks do it. The correct way, three and then go, or some other way entirely?

I have never played it bet every time I have seen others play they’ve done it - one, two, go

We’ve always done it with three pumps, then the sign/gesture.

always three and go.

One, two, GO!

It’s one, two, GO! Always! You crazy people with your extra beat…cheaters!

Y’know, I just feel that only two warmup throws just don’t give enough opportunity to devise strategy and confidence in one’s decision. Laurasia, I don’t think that qualifies as cheating, so long as both parties are aware of the need for a full three warmup throws.

Am I the only person who does a ritualistic African dance in between the first and second hand pump, during which time I pray to my God’s for good luck…? I guess so.

So long as you’re up dancing anyway, would you get a glass of water?

My God will do that for me :smiley: I’m sure he’d do it for you as well if you danced well enough to please his fickle demands :slight_smile:

Before I was married, my soon to be wife and I did “one, two, go” to decide who had to go and get the Sunday paper. Now that we are married, I just go get the paper.


Always three, then go. Just two doesn’t make any sense!

Far be it from me to hijack…but…

Dude, why didn’t you just go get the water?

one, two, GO.

Oh, this reminds me of a ritual we used to do at my last job. At lunch, we used to do Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who was going to go get coffee for the whole table. Naturally, since we were more than two people, we did it a bit differently, namely, the “odd one out” had to go. E.g. if three people chose scissors and one paper, the one with the paper lost and had to go.

Anyway, the regulars had developed a pattern to this, so it was customary to do this game when there was a newly employed person with us, or a guest, who didn’t know the pattern, because they would ALWAYS lose… hehe. Some people never caught on, some saw it directly and got quite pissed off…

Oh the memories…

What did she suggest that you could use the glass of water for? :confused: [sup]She just happened to be there? How convenient![/sup]

Three pumps, then go.

Now what annoys me is when those heretical two-pumpers interpret my third pumped fist as “rock”… and then accuse me of changing my throw when I actually make my decision!

This site: says…

When playing for high stakes such as who gets the glass of water, or who gets shotgun, you must make a quick evaluation of your opponent. A novice opponent will invariably through a rock first. But a veteran opponent will know this and may throw paper to catch an unwary challenger.

My favorite strategy is the rapid fire rock-rock tie for 3-4 throws. Then the opponent thinks he is going to catch you the next time by throwing paper. That’s when I pull out the scissors for victory. Always watch your opponent’s face for the lighting of his eyes as he changes strategy. That’s when you cut his paper to shreds.

Nope. Always “Once, Twice, Threece, Shoot!”

We always said Janken-pon on the schoolgrounds here.


On the first two you’d swing through and on the third you’d throw out your choice.

This might help you. There’s a local gameshow called in which two teams play this game against each other and on the third pump you throw out your choice.