the girl on "millionaire" right now

Man, she is cute!
(How’s that for a pointless thing to share?) :slight_smile:

She was DAMN lucky to walk away with $8,000, after Reeeg practically gave her the answer to at least two of the questions.

And she’s majoring in drama and psychology?!?

Nice girl and all, but…

She isn’t NEAR cute enough to get away with being that dumb. And she’s peaked–lookswise it’s all downhill from here. Apparently takes after her father, cuz her mom’s still cute.

It’s great to see someone not so bright on that show. She needed help with “Get in on the ground floor?” That was hilarious! But, while I was channel surfing, she made it worthwhile to stop on ABC–better than any of the beauties in the pageant on CBS, anyway.

Who is the woman cooking for Mr Miyagi, Little Richard, and (some other person whom I recognized at the time, but no longer remember) in the commercial? Is she a well-known actress or is she “just some actress” there to fill out the commercial?

Sorry about that–I meant to hit the “new thread” button.

But on-topic, not only did Reege practically give her the answer to some of the questions–he also (in a very low-key way) talked her into bailing when she was about to get the last question wrong.

I must say that’s the most cleavage I have seen on that show.

Oh the ground floor: I wasn’t too sure about that one either. I wasn’t really watching…I was flipping channels, Powerpuffs on and all.

What other questions did she have?

And yeah I too was surprised- she seemed bright in the beginning and she had such cool majors. And she was nice looking. :slight_smile:

Would one of you mind enlightening me as to what the ground floor question was?

Something like “When you’re getting in early on an investment opportunity, it is said that you’re in…”