Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Who here is trying to get on this show?

And moderator: can we have Unca Cecil’s his phone number to use for one of our lifelines? :slight_smile:

My man is. He hasn’t called yet though.
He once tried out for Jeopardy, but didn’t quite make it, he was nervous. Don’t ever play Trivial Pursuit with this man!

I called last night and got all three questions right. Now if I’m one of 25 randomly selected people, I’ll get a call today between 11:00 and 3:00 for a playoff round. Wish me luck!

Good luck, Scout!

I too tried last night (twice), but somehow messed up. :frowning:

Just gotta keep trying, I guess.

Pipe Dreamer #2 here. I called last night also, Scout, so we’ll see who gets a call today!

I was once on a television game show. “Academic Challenge,” a locally produced show for high-schoolers. My team won, thanks, of course, totally to me. :slight_smile:

I called and got all 3 questions right. Yesterday was the day I should have (but didn’t) received a call :frowning:

Not trying to hijack the thread, but do you think the ratings for WWTBAM will be as large this time around. I caught some of the new game show Greed on TV last night.

It was basically the same thing but with teams. It even had the annoying lights swirling before each question and annoying music.

I think the novelty will wear off soon and ratings won’t be so high. I’d much rather watch Jeapordy where there are many questions, rather than watching WWTBAM where there is one question every 5 minutes, and that stroke Regis draws out the answer.

(Are you sure that’s your final answer? Are you postive? This is your last chance) **Yes Regis, I’m FUCKING sure, just tell me if I’m right **

And the first questions are usually SO obvious

Stevie - talk about obvious - my kid (he’s NINE) got most of the answers right!

Hey, maybe I should have him call that number…

Is it the same number from last time?..I didn’t see all the pre-show hype this time with the phone number being displayed all day long. I’ll probably give it a try this time…I knew at least enough of the answers last time to have left with some money…(think I averaged around $16,000)

Although I’ve seen a lot of comment on here about the questions they ask, I have two points to make about that. 1) I that because the TM are fairly smart, we assume that others are…I asked 4 of my co-workers at lunch who Boo Radley was, and none of them knew…neither did my fiance. 2)The questions I tended to miss were the sports-related ones…I could not tell you what Denis Rodman’s nickname is…really don’t care…and having watched that episode, still don’t know. It wasn’t an important enough fact to me to remember.

Not to get off the subject, but who are the 3 people you’d list to call?..

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Greed was OK, but seemed lke too much of a knock off. Also, it seems like the format doesn’t really encourage people to go for the whole shebang.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

TheDoll said:

“He once tried out for Jeopardy, but didn’t quite make it”

I just tried out for Jeopardy about a month ago, and it is really no joke. I sat in front of the TV for years thinking, “This is a joke, I could kick most of these peoples asses in this game…”. Then I hit the tryouts. Yikes. A group of 80 people was reduced to 6 in about 45 minutes. (Yes, I was one of the other 74). I now have a newfound respect for those folks on TV who look so stupid sometimes, because it is no easy deal to get that far.

Stevie Rave On: And the first questions are usually SO obvious

Indeed. But during one of the first shows, I missed the beginning questions. I walked in the living room just as someone lost the $300 question. “He thinks that Hannibal crossed the Alps on llamas,” said my wife increduously. I groaned. Who doesn’t know that!

I also knew that Jethro Tull won the first Heavy Metal Grammy Award. That was a $1,000,000 question. Damn! :slight_smile:

I watched Greed last night, and it’s my conclusion that Bill Gates and Scrooge McDuck are funding the whole thing. If they’re giving away two million bucks for easy questions like that, what else could be concluded?

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Just out of curiosity - does anyone remember what the three questions were when you called in?

They were all put in correct order

First one was something like “Put the phrase in correct order”
1 Home
2 You
3 Can’t
4 Go

Second was put in correct chronological order
1 MLK’s I Have a Dream speech
2 Brown vs Board of Education
3 Rosa Park bus incident
4 Something else

Third was put recipe for making bread in correct order

1 Measure
2 Mix
3 Need (I think that’s what it said)
4 Bake

*boli: Just out of curiosity - does anyone remember what the three questions were when you called in? *

Lessee… not all of them offhand. Here’s something what they’re like, though[list]
[li]Place the following historic events in backward chronological order; e.g., Vietnam War, Columbos’ voyages, French Revolution, Crusades[/li][li]Place the following contries in order from highest producer of sugar to lowest: USA, Mexico, Spain, Norway[/li][li]Place the following TV characters in order of their appearance on the air, from earliest to latest: Mr. Ed, Data, Tim Taylor, Chachi Arcola[/li]place the following erongenous zones in order from most sensitive to least: clitoris, earlobe, inner thigh, kneecap :slight_smile:

I’m in! Now I just gotta wait for a call tomorrow afternoon.

XXXXXXXXXX <- crossed fingers and toes :slight_smile:

You might search here as I started the same topic when the show first came out. Should be in the archives.

The chances of getting on the show are astronomical. Something like 15million people call in.

Greed is so stoo-pid.

Last night, the question worth $200,000 was:
What are the 4 shapes found in Lucky Charms cereal?
The two wrong ones were Arrow and Triangle.

Dad and I were laughing our asses off - more questions like that, and I’ll be rich tomorrow. :slight_smile:

SanibelMan, how much do you think the cereal comp. paid to have that question on? heh.
can you say ‘a lot of money?’ Sure would want it to be kinda an easy question, you understand why though?
But then for another $200,000 name the top four personal computer comp’s & they got fooled by IBM. tsk.

Yeah, when they answered IBM I was yelling at my T.V. PC’s not Mainframes!!

That’s exactly what Chuck said explaining why they were wrong

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