The Good Guys. Anyone watching?

Last night after Lie to Me, my wife suggested we watch The Good Guys, a new cop show starrug a guy from West Wing Bradley Whitford?) and Tom Hanks’ son. I was negatively predisposed to this show, but kept finding myself enjoying it. I mean, it is intentionally stupid and over-the-top, with a goofy habit of showing something and then flashing back to show how that happened. But I found myself amused by it far more often than with most other erstwhile TV comedies. The one cop is just so stupid, and the situations so extreme that I had to smile.

Anyone else watching this? I wonder how soon before its schtick gets old…

I was also not too excited about it after seeing the commercials, but my husband and son started watching, so I started watching. I like it. Colin Hanks has a lot of his dad’s mannerisms, and Bradley Whitford is funny, who knew?

Couldn’t make it longer than about 20 minutes in the first episode a week or two back. I liked Whitford in The West Wing and a few other minor roles, so I gave it a shot on his account.

Just not my kind of show.

I saw the first ep and I thought it was pretty funny. I haven’t seen any of the others yet, but I did like the show.

I saw last week’s episode and this week’s and thoroughly enjoyed them. While I like the premise (two detectives given seemingly mundane and pointless cases stumbling into major criminal operations), I wonder how long it can hold up. I’ll be enjoying it for the time-being, though.
It kind of reminds me of a live-action Stroker and Hoop.

I’m enjoying it in a mindless-fun kind of way. It was created by Matt Nix, who also created “Burn Notice” so it’s got that going for it.

I’ve watched all 3 eps, as I am a Bradley Whitford fan, and overall I find it mildly amusing with some definite drawbacks. They’ve done well with the “dumb (but still dangerous) criminal” motif, and the “investigating a tiny crime leads to bigger crime” motif so far, but that will get old soon unless they start shaking things up a bit. My biggest problem is with Whitford’s character, who is often way too over the top for even an over-the-top show like this. The most blatant and annoying example of this is his aversion to/complete ignorance about computers. I realize they are playing with a well-established stereotype, but they’ve taken it way, waaaaay too far, IMO.

All that said, it’s pretty fun, and I’ll keep watching to see if it finds its groove. Plus, the ADA is smokin’ hot. :cool:

I’ve watched the pilot and have DVRed the next two shows.

I liked what I saw. And like many was surprised by that. “Intentionally stupid.” is right. Makes fun of so many of the classic cop show cliches. (Which may not be sustainable. What does tvtropes call this? Premise bound? You know, like “Bosom Buddies”.)

Jenny Wade plays the ADA, she was recently on Reaper as the demon girlfriend of Sock.

Mrs. FtG, OTOH, didn’t like it. And she’s the cop/legal show fan in the family.

It’s okay, but I really hate that loud gunshot segue between scenes. It’s louder than actual gunshots on the show and is distracting.

I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. My GF really likes it. Living in the Dallas area, I find myself distracted trying to recognize places.

I’m kind of liking it, but I think the formula is going to wear thing very quickly.

We like it in our house. It’s fun and doesn’t have the sexual tension that some other shows seem to think they need.

I watched he first two episodes with a couple of friends on Sunday…and I think I’m going to take a pass.

It’s just a little too over-the-top, in a trying-too-hard sort of way. The second episode was the clincher. The forced-sounding uber-British ( wanker, shagging ) bad guys and Whitford’s obsessive love for his car were just too broad for my taste. Dial it back a notch ( or three ) and I might have bought it.

As it is by far the most entertainment we got came from poking fun at the show. Especially the “classic-rock-action-scenes” and that horrible gunshot transition. I bet one of my friends $100 that Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town” will be featured at some point this season, most likely during a good time/partying montage with the two leads or a triumphant kicking ass scene at the end of an episode :D.

The ex-girlfriend DA? It’s gonna happen ;).

I thought she was his ex-wife…

I’ve been enjoying it, but like some others I wonder how long it will hold up.

If the show’s going to last it needs to find its own voice. So far it’s weirdly dichotomous; like a *Starsky and Hutch *character was teleported into an episode of NYPD Blue or something. I can’t quite figure out the tone they’re going for.

Bradley Whitford is an absolute riot though. Over the top, yes, but he so completely commits to the character that I can’t help but enjoy the ride.

I’ve been DVR’ing them but haven’t watched any yet. Hope to soon.

We’ve seen the first two episodes. They’re definitely good fun, but I don’t know how long they can spin out stories from this premise - which is what everyone else here is saying. :smiley: I also think moustache-guy (as we call him)'s sleaziness went a bit too far in episode 2. That was actually really really fucking creepy. In episode 1 he was sleazy but didn’t cross the line.

I have a personal connection to someone who works on the show so I’m morally obligated to give it more of a chance than I otherwise would.

Without that obligation I probably wouldn’t have watched the second episode and nothing about the second one has make me look forward to the third (which is on my DVR).

Dinsdale said:

Already there.

From the commercials, I thought the premise was interesting. I somehow missed the first episode but caught the second one. I have already deleted the third episode unwatched and dropped the show from my record list.

Colin Hanks is intriguing, and I have to agree I see the similarities to his dad without seeming to be intentionally copying him. But the partner character was way too much, the elements just too over the top for me. I could probably get over the showing something, then the short flashback of how it got that way. And the chick is hot. But overall it just isn’t what I want to watch.