The good part about planning a wedding

Is that people offer you free stuff. FREE!

And some of it is actually good, like the chocolates I had sitting before me not moments ago. A dark chocolate truffle and a dark chocolate and pralines.


I must have really missed something during our planning. All I got was migraines from listening to my mother-in-law whine and complain.

Ha ha ha! Free stuff! Just wait until you tally your final bills. Or actually, wait until you realize that as soon as you mention “wedding” in making your plans with vendors, the costs triple or so.

Ah, well. Enjoy what free goodies you get.

Mother-in-law migraines? Not gonna happen. The Barbarians run a tight ship (thanks to being together for more than a decade already, us being heathens and all :slight_smile: ) and my folks and her folks have been given strict duties regarding everything. My mum does the table loot bags. Her mom does the menu picking.

Both sides have been told that we’ll hang up on 'em if they discuss things with us. It’s already happened once, and I don’t think we’ll need to have it happen again. Colours? We don’t wanna know. Tulips or chocolate? We don’t want to know. Food? We don’t want to know. The bride and groom are showing up to a party-- and if we have to do any more work, we’re not having fun, so we’ll cancel the whole deal. (It’s fun not having a religion.)

Add on that the wedding is happening in Montreal, and the Barbarians live in Vancouver, and you can see why everything has been delegated.