The Gores are such a nice looking family

I hope Gore wins. We haven’t had such a good looking family in the White House since the Kennedys. I would much rather watch his family the next four years in the news. Laura Bush can’t hold a candle to Tipper Gore. And the Gore kids are quite attractive. Although, Bush’s twin daughters aren’t too bad looking, but they seem to keep a low profile. And Barbara Bush, please spare me!

Yep, give me Kareea, Kristin, or Sarah Gore over that eye-sore Chelsea Clinton any day.

Or is she yours? :smiley:

I think this belongs in MPSIMS.

Yeah, those Gore girls are major babes, and Tipper ain’t so bad, herself!

Well, dadzone~

I don’t think they are anywhere NEARLY as attractive as OUR little family!


I think Chelsea Clinton has grown up to be quite a pretty young lady. She is certainly not an eyesore.

Now now, you shouldn’t speak that way about your own kin… :smiley: