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Excuse me, but…
Was the General Questions Forum shut down at one point for some reason? If so, why?

I suspect the GQ forum may have gone down temporarily during mantainence(sp) or during the board upgrades.

Why the devil did you dig up this moldy-oldy?

Because, I wanted to know if GQ was shut down at some point. It may have been for some greater reason than maintenance, but I just don’t know. Anybody recall this event?

Occasionally the board will be down for a minute or two for maintenance. This mostly happens in the very early morning, so unless you feel like staying up all night for a few days, you’re not bound to catch it happening.

Of course, there are the times when the board is down mid-day and such. It’s just more common for it to be early morning, when fewer people are likely to be surfing.

The previous software that was used on this message board occasionally had gliches, so sometimes individual forums would be inaccessable until the techs re-indexed that forum or otherwise regenerated it.

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With the old software, it was common for single forums to go down due to overuse or something. By the time we changed software, the board was being brought down by the sheer weight of our posts on an almost daily basis. It would not have been at all unusual for GQ to have been down for even a whole day at a time.