The Great "Give a Moderator a Title" Contest!

First, read this!

A few years back, I ran a contest to pick out my new board name. Not having learned my lesson the first time, I am now offering all of you the chance to pick my new title. This contest will run for five days, and the title with the most votes at the end will be chosen, providing it passes muster with The Powers That Be.

Any questions? :smiley:

Master of the Czarcastic

Jackbooted Tweester

Maybe that should be for Skippy …


The Bizarre Czar


Since it appears that mods keep their “Moderator” title below their custom one, I’d suggest one that takes advantage of that fact.

Secretary of Fire.

Lord Protector of the Teeming Millions, High Inquisitor, and Secretary of State for Funny Walks, by the Grace of Cthulhu!

Oscar-Winning Rabbit

To go with BitT’s Suggestion:
“The Littlest”
“Did somebody ask for a”
“Your Everloving Helpful,”

My Personal Choices:
“Machete Wielding Panda”
“Insert Title Here”
“Today your Mod, Tomorrow the World”

*Actually I REALLY like "The Littlest" It grows on you after seeing it…

Why do I feel like the Roadrunner, staring at a pile of food, left in the middle of the highway with a sign sticking out, that says “BURD SEED”?

Ignorance Itself. Then you can fight with the whole board. :wink:

How about “Your Friendly Neighborhood…”


Does it have to be in a human language?

What did you have in mind?

No Vulcan or Klingon, please…

I was afraid he was considering Vogon, actually.

Inspired by Marley23 's thread closure comment here:

The Voice of Mod.

I like Der Trihs’s suggestion of Bizarre Czar.

Well … Seems somewhat fitting. :wink:

No, no, no. This is an historical injustice that must be righted:

Vote #1 Chicken of Bristol