The Great Ongoing Guitar Thread

Looks like one of these things I remember from the early '80s.

Thanks! I like it, but it’s out of my price range. Pretty cool, IMHO.

OK guys, looking for input on a new chromatic guitar pedal. After years of racks and multi-effect processors. I’m switching up my rig and going back to stomp boxes. I’ve dusted off the old pedals, bought a couple new ones, and assembled most of my pedalboard but am missing a tuner.
Of course, I’m stuck between the Boss-TU-3 and the Polytune 3 (or their mini versions) I’ve read and watched too many reviews on-line and now I can’t decide.

Any experiences or input would be great.

  • My chain right now is a vintage Boss CS-2, Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, Boss MT-2, Boss DS-1, Boss CE-3, MXR EVH Phase 90.

Still looking for reverb and delay too … I really wish I hadn’t sold and given away all those pedals back in the 90s! I had a rare pre-lawsuit Kurt Cobain (among others) Boss DF-2.

Anyone up for help on guitar chords? This video:

The chord she plays at about .52-.53 and the run she does from about .54-.57
I’d appreciate the help, I’m only an upper edge beginner.

52s is an E7 chord.

54-57s is:


Dunno what to name those chords, sounds like 7th chord voicings. Note that the 2nd-4th chord in that sequence is the same chord shape; just move that shape up 1 fret each time.

Thank you, much appreciated.

ETA: So the first, third and fourth strings are plucked and the A string is muted?

Yes. An ‘x’ in my diagram = don’t play/please mute that string

The other way to do it is, for example, an open A chord:


The zero “0” means play the open string

We’ve all had the dream: how hard could it be, right?


The build is fun and funny.

The 1-minute song (at 31:20) totally fucking rocks, of course.

Pretty much everything after the song is gut-busting, can’t-breathe-‘cause-i’m-laughin’-so-hard guitarist-funny stuff.


Longtime no talk! Got a few new axes in the family, chief amongst them this Burst Standard LP. I do love it so!


A blue Tele, a Champ '57 5-watter…


A Bonamassa Standard Kit Epiphone 335…


And an Epiphone acoustic.

The added 12" V-30 in the Orange cab up and over the V-30 in my Blackstar amp I have had since 2013 sound killer!

I think I am covered, with the possible exception of a Strat. LOL.

Nice Kit! I’m super jealous! Maybe add a HSS Strat like this and you’re set to play damn near anything!

Nice harem! I totally lust for that Tele, v pretty. I think I can guess your favorite color! You’ve really branched out, FG.

Shame on you for not putting the time shift boxes into your effects loop :wink: :laughing:

So, haven’t been here in a while. Haven’t been playing much guitar either, 5 y.o. twins will do that.

Hoping to get back to playing more. The last thing I started working on needs to be finished:

(Oh, I won a guitar from The Music Zoo. Yay me)

Also finished my first kit build. Turned out ok though I sanded through the laminate not realizing that it was freaking paper thin. Oh well. It plays well though I am getting new pickups for it.

Got two more guitars to build. One is a semi-hollow my wife bought me and the other is an Ibanez X-Series body like this:

That I got off EBay. It fits an Ibanez double octave neck. Bought a cheap Ibanez donor guitar and hope to get them both finished this fall. The guitar in the pic was my first decent electric that got ripped off. Great guitar though the bridge was wacky.


Thanks! If I ever get one, I want one of those Dark Knight American Pro II’s with the rosewood fretboard. Those things are epic!

Sorry in advance, apparently I no longer know how to quote multiple replies in a single post. That Tele Is a Mexi-Tele with a flame top. It needed a lot of setup as it had bad fret sprout, hinky action, etc but it’s right as rain now. That thing snarls in that Champ Tweed. That amp is nasty.

Edit: I know about the time based pedals. LOL, the effects loop didn’t work in that amp for years until I replaced the tubes in it more recently.

Wow, I didn’t know you made guitars!

I am just getting started. There are some things I want that I can’t really get. Like the X-Series body with a double octave neck, so gotta build em myself. Plus it is fun. The first kit went well except the sand throughs and it plays well. Need better pickups which I should have soon, Seymour Duncan Invaders.

Next step will be a from scratch build. Not sure my skills are there yet though…

That’s cool you know how to do that. I had to checkbook my way into those guitars. The Les Paul was a combo of the last time I would get two child tax credits AND a stimulus payment.

@FoieGrasIsEvil That blue-burst Les Paul is very pretty.

Thanks! I agree. It came with those amber top hat knobs but I didn’t like the jarring color contrast so well so I replaced them with those black speeds that have abalone inlay that better matches the colors.

Here’s what it use to look like:


And what it looks like now: