The Great Summer 2021 Doper Postcard Exchange!

Welcome, Toad Buddy, and everyone else who’s up for the DPE!

I’m in as well. Message sent just now. :slight_smile:

Anyone else?

A reminder, the deadline is the day after tomorrow.

Well, darn. I have kitten brain, I thought I had signed up, but as I can see…I did not. I’m totally in!


Right! PMs sent. Every group has at least one non-USAian in it. I’ve asked some people to send multiple cards, as offered, to fill out our roster. If you decide you’d rather not do so, please let me know by PM as soon as possible.

Be sure to post here when you’ve actually sent your postcards (not when you intend to), and when you receive any.

Thanks, and enjoy!

1986 is considered “vintage”, isn’t it?

More vintage than 2006, I suppose, but less than 1886. But it’s all good!

I’ve released mine into the wilds of the Post Office.

Call to post. “And they’re off.”

Off they go!

Just mailed mine. Postcards awaaaay!

Courtesy of Australia Post, consigned for destinations in North America, my cards have been posted.

Mine are on the way to their new homes. Allons-y!

Darnit, missed the signup!

Postcards aweigh, my friends, postcards aweigh!
< tra la, something about foreign shores, la la>

Postcards have been posted.

If anyone would like to exchange directly with Teuton, please send the Doper a PM. Thanks.

Last year I was really confused, if I should sent 3 postcards to each person, or 1 postcard to each person, for a total of 3 postcards.

As I received 3 postcards from multiple people last year, I decided to send 3 postcards per addressee, but I will stagger them.

First set are in the post, and the others are already addressed, written and stamped. I have never written “U.S.A.” as often as I did yesterday, as I also wrote 4 other postcards and addressed a fifth, with only one for within Switzerland.