The Great Summer 2021 Doper Postcard Exchange!

See Rules 1 and 4. Only one postcard per person is expected. But if you want to send more, you certainly may.

Sent my cards out this morning.

And the first in the gate is … @silenus! I got a card from him today with a picture from Bandelier National Monument. Thank you!

Postcards posted. This was the first time the mail person had ever sold postage for a postcard headed to Europe, so we both got to do new and interesting for the first time.

Just one more thing for which to love the Dope.

Got my first postcard! It’s from @dbygawdcapn (boy, am I glad for discourse’s autofill of @ names) of a quaint town, the site of Maryland’s first settlement. Thanks, @dbygawdcapn!

And…another card received from dbygawdcapn! Mine featured a photo of a Tobacco Barn* from, as the note says, “The land of pleasant living”. Thanks!

*are there still “mail pouch” barns out there?

Yesterday’s mail brought me two postcards from @Elendil_s_Heir: one of the Cleveland Guardians, massive sculptures on the Lorain-Carnegie bridge, who apparently hand-carry tanker trucks across. Or maybe he is just saying a prayer over the tanker truck?

The second is a beautiful courtyard of the Gardner Museum in Boston. I’ve never been to Boston, but when I go, I will definitely visit this.

Thank you Elendil_s_Heir !!

The card I got today from Allecher sucks, but in a good way: it’s an image of a steamboat on the Arkansas River with The Legend of Toad Suck emblazoned above it. The text on the back explains the legend behind the annual “Toad Suck Daze” festival. Thanks!

Lost luggage returned from 34th anniversary trip, postcards recovered and will be mailed out tomorrow.

Aw, drat. I missed the thread. Probably for the best, as we didn’t go anywhere this year, and about the only place to get postcards around here is downtown, which (with all the unmasked and unvaccinated drunk folks wandering around) you couldn’t pay me enough to go to.

I hope everyone has fun, and I’ll live vicariously through you all.

Anyone who would like to exchange postcards with Maus_Magill, please PM the Doper.

See Rule 7, please, and thanks!

No worries - I have no postcards this year to send out.

I received my nifty postcards from @silenus and TWO from @romansperson (and yes, I often DO have one of those hair days!)

Thank you!

Today I got lovely postcards from @Elendil_s_Heir and @Karen_Lingel, thank you both!

Sorry about that, Chief.
They have been mailed.

I received my Legend of Toad Suck postcard from Allecher today. It sounds like a cool inspiration for a local festival to me!

No worries, Czarcasm, and thanks!

Yesterday I got two cards from Karen_Lingel: a picture of the tourist boat St. Charles Belle II on the Fox River, and a 1981 photo of Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan taken at the White House. Thanks!

3 cards from @romansperson arrived yesterday! Lisboa, A Christmas Story and Dogs on the Intrawebs.

Thank you!

Weird. I mailed those on 3 different days, and yet they all showed up at the same time!