The Great Un-Fork Hillary Thread

She’s set to announce tomorrow. She got forked a few times 8 years ago, but no fork for her this time! Anyone see a path for her to NOT get the nomination? I can’t. I’m not as sanguine about her winning the general, but she’s got the nomination locked. No?

She seemed inevitable back in '08 too, so who knows.

Hillary sucks. Why can’t we have a good president?

Nobody who voted for the Iraq War should ever be permitted to become President. She is hardly alone in this, but the President should be someone smart and decent enough to not kill a hundred thousand innocent civilians by green lighting an illegal war.

And that’s without mentioning her support for banning flag burning, the theft of private property during an emergency, and the idiocy of the Assault Weapons Ban.

Because Warren won’t run.

There have been various health issues - in particular fainting spells and a blood clot pointing at cardiovascular health concerns. Nothing so dramatic as to rule her out as of yet.

But I can certainly *imagine *that something more serious could develop. A major cardiovascular event and I think she is out of the running.

Yeah, Hillary has the smell of the inevitable. I’d rather have Warren, but there it is.

I am more interested in who would be her vice president as I have concerns about Hillary living out her first term. I am not saying I believe she would be assassinated, rather, I think her health issues are more serious than we are being led to believe.

I support Brian Schweitzer. He would win the general in a landslide and has an unmatched record of vetoing silly GOP legislation.

She had serious rivals then, which she does not have now. Unless I’m missing someone…?

Hillary will probably win the nomination but let me make the case that it’s perhaps not a done deal.

Hillary is a mediocre campaigner and didn’t handle the pressure of the 2008 campaign very well. She is 8 years older and her campaign skills will be rusty. Her recent interviews haven’t been very impressive IMO and she just doesn’t seem as sharp as she used to be. A significant portion of the Democratic party doesn’t like the Clintons and will rally around any moderately credible challenger.There is a fair degree of baggage around the Clinton foundation which has the potential to hurt her. Her handling of the email issue was clumsy and who knows how she will handle tough stories about the foundation.

While there is no particularly compelling challenger like Obama I think someone like O’Malley passes the basic credibility threshold . He has been a mayor and governor for 15 years. He is nicely positioned to challenge Hillary from the left without being too extreme to be electable. Once progressives accept that Warren isn’t running, they will rally around him so he will have a base of volunteers and money. The media wants a horse-race so they will pay him some attention at least for a while.

Like I said it’s a long shot. Hillary will have to run a poor campaign and O’Malley or someone else a superb one but I think it’s possible that she could lose.

You’ve been waiting eight years to use that thread title, haven’t you?

This could be just the break that the Kerry campaign has been waiting for…

In all honesty, no. I came in here looking for the thread I thought surely would already be open, and was surprised it wasn’t. That just came to me after remembering the many “forked” threads we had back in '07/'08.

I think like a red neck sometimes, “America does not need a mommy”

If I were Jeb Bush I would wait till all of the other democratic hopefuls have their say about Hillary’s run for president before saying anything about her myself.

I bet VP Biden has some juicy tidbits not to mention Secretary of State John Kerry who lost one run for president back in 2004.

The race is on, “May the best man win” :smiley:

Dunno about you, but my Mom gave me better advice than my Dad ever did.

Assassination is also a risk (it happened to Robert Kennedy). While Vice Presidential candidates now receive Secret Service protection, there are numerous Middle Eastern groups (like the Islamic State) which would probably consider it to be a major victory to assassinate her.

Perhaps Clinton/Castro '16? (As in Julian, not Fidel, Raul or Joaquin).

He’s Latino, southwestern, progressive, young, executive-experienced and male. He hits everything Hillary lacks as a candidate.

Any word yet on whether or not they plan to announce that they’re planning to announce that they’re running?

Let’s face it, you would say this about every Democratic candidate.

If Hillary gets the nomination I will most likely vote for her. I cannot see any of the Republican candidates getting my vote as they are all (so far, at least) partisan extremists that put party and ideology above country. I don’t know what happened to the pragmatists and realists in the Republican party; was Jon Huntsman the last?

I would prefer someone beside Hillary however, I don’t like her much for many reasons. Warren is much more preferable, at least she is willing to take on Wall Street and the big banks. All the Republicans want to sell them the national forests and BLM land for a song and the Democrats are not much better.

There are over 320 million people in the U.S. We can’t find anyone outside of two families? I’m going to be 30 in 2016. I will have known four years without a Bush or Clinton involved with the White House.