The Greater Doper Toy Review (not for the kiddies! tmi)

I did a search for this and came up with a few threads from last summer, but nothing recent. Since I don’t want to ressurect an old thread anyway, I decided to start this. Sorry if I missed something :smiley:

Being that I’m getting bored with my current collection :wink: , I’m looking to make some new purchases. I’ve read reviews here and there, but nothing is better then firsthand reviews from friends, right? So, that is why I am posting this. Maybe in the process we can help some poor soul discover their favorite toy. One can only hope :smiley:

Anyway, currently one of my favs is the Lipstick Vibe. It works quite well considering it’s size, it’s quiet, and- let’s face it- it’s adorable! Cheap, too.

I think I am going to buy one of the Rabbit varities, but there are so many! I read that the plastic beads tend to jam after a while, so it is better to get metal. Any advice on this?

…Yes and in the title where I said “greater,” I meant “great.” Whoops!

I haven’t had any problems with the plastic beaded one…(purchased about 8 months ago)

I would definitely recommend getting a rabbit variety. :smiley:

Jaade Any particular brand?

I have heard that using vibrators makes it harder to get off from the conventional means. It takes me a while to get my girlfriend off, so using a vibrator to speed things up/make things a little more interesting in the bedroom has been a thought, but I wouldn’t want to get to a point where she couldn’t orgasm in absence of one, since I can make her orgasm now, and don’t want to push my luck…

Maybe in the extreme, but I really don’t think you’ve heard ‘good’ advice. I think this is on a par with the ‘if you masturbate too much you won’t get enjoyment from sex’ - which is also blatantly untrue.

Incubus I’ve heard that too, but I can assure you that I’ve never heard of it happening firsthand (giggle). I believe that it is two completely different sensations that are god for two completely different reasons.

There’s nothing wrong with spicing things up!

Diosa, I’ll let you know when I get home.
Incubus, no, that’s patently untrue, in my opinion. Think of it this way, using such toys may make it easier for a woman to discover, on her own or with her partner, what feels good. The woman has more control over the situation using toys than she usually would with a partner. I think that one may just become more adept at finding the best way to please oneself quickly, instead of having another person help her along.

Two points come to mind:

  1. When using a vibe, there is no chance that the vibe will “finish” before the woman does, making any anxieties she might have about having to finish “in time” moot.

  2. The longer a couple is together, (it seems…generalization approaching) some men become less interested in foreplay. As such, a woman may not be as aroused when intercourse is initiated, and it will be more difficult for her to reach climax. Additionally, some women do just have a more difficult time climaxing than others, but I don’t think vibes are to blame.

Well, SpouseO and I bought a vibrator a coupla months ago and I have to say I’m not really that happy with it. It was a cheaper variety, which may be my problem. It’s plastic, with a rubber coating, and it’s silvery gray. It’s a simple bullet shape variety - no textures, no nothing - it’s my first, and I didn’t think I wanted anything like that. Not sure how many speeds it has, one or two (I think - it’s been awhile since we used it).

It just seems, well, goofy. It doesn’t really do much for me. Instead, it rather makes me want to giggle at how ludicrous this buzzing things feels, which I’m pretty sure is not the intended effect.

I’m thinking it’s because it was a cheaper model (like $10), so perhaps you get what you pay for. I’m looking for advice - are there other models that are better? These rabbit things, is that more of what I’m looking for?

This review thread hopefully will contain just the information I need.

Disclaimer: I am the toy buyer for a national adult chain, but these are still my personal recommendations.

I highly recommend the Doc Johnson ivibe rabbit - it will cost you around $80, and it’s well worth it. They last a very long time, are sturdily built, and they look cool.

For an excellent “first time” vibe - try the Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket - it should cost you around $30, also lasts, well, many many years so far. They just came out with a “junior” pocket rocket rocket, which seems to work really well - around $10 for the junior. Also try the California Exotics Shane’s World Study Buddy line - tiny vibrator, powerful motor, reliable.

The rabbits do have more texture, and they are more flexible than the standard bullet vibes. They are more realistically shaped and have two moving parts. One is the shaft, which makes little circles (and mine reverses, can make circles in either direction) and a bunny head (hence the name) which stimulates the clit by vibrating. I think the vibrations are more stimulating because of the position of the toy than a standard vibrator. Mine has controls for the bunny head and the shaft separately, I assume they all come with that feature.

Yep, definitely TMI ~blushes~

Different types are for different people…Experiment.

The rabbit ones are generally for penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Silicone vibrators give a ‘softer’ buzz, hard plastic give a, well, ‘harder’ buzz.

Some women like direct clitoral stimulation- push that button baby! Others prefer the sensations spread out over a larger area (like the pubic mound), others like the vibration right next to the clit, others like it circling the clit, others like it circling the entry…and some like all of the above, but only on Tuesdays…

Meaning, you really got to try a few to find out what you really like. The Hitachi Wand is a rave hit for many women, but it is too intense for some and the large head spreads the sensations over a large area, also, this big thing in bed with an electrical cord while having partner sex could be distracting. The Fukuko 9000 is this tiny thing that slips on your finger and runs on watch batteries. It can be used on very specific points by both partners.

A good bet is a standard jelly vibe (silicone). $20 and the tip can be used to target specific points, the shaft for larger areas. If it feels nice, but you want more intensity, then maybe a hard plastic one is better.

But, y’know, playing around with new toys is fun!


Speaking as someone who had training in human sexuality, and has done some limited counselling in my practice (the old private practice, NOT my current one!), I’d have to say this is incorrect.

Far more women benefit from the use of toys than end up in the situation you describe. In fact, the use of such toys is one treatment of choice for a woman to overcome orgasmic difficulty. Once they find out how to push their own buttons more readily, this generally results in them enabling their parners to do so also.


Look into getting a TENS unit. The book “Juice” may be useful as well to go with it.

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Set them straight, QtM!

Ok, well, that was a relief!

Guess I’ll have to get a little ‘gift’ for my girlfriend one of these days then :wink: