The Hamburglar: Grimacing Menace?

I am mildly annoyed by the following posting practice. Of The Hamburglar’s first nine posts, seven of them consist of replies to threads in which he or she quotes the previous reply, and then omits material, saying “The Hamburglar has stolen the [for example] H’s, S’s, and L’s from this post!”

The Hamburglar’s posts:

Reverend Mykeru banned. SDMB Pit vultures rejoice (stole vowels):
hangover cure? (stole vowels):
The Redskins cut Stephen Davis… (stole letters):
I just had a weird TV murder scare: (stole smiley)
That Tart: (legitimate pit rant OP; humor 3 out of 4 stars)
I had my first SDMB dream last night: (stole smiley)
“Ninety-nine percent of this game is half mental”: (stole letters)
Damn Ronald McDonald!: (legitimate pit rant OP; humor 2.75 out of 4 stars)
Not only does this violate the SDMB “no altering quotations” policy, there’s not even a Robble Robble! What do you all make of this dangerous trend?

I think Mayor McCheese should be contacted immediately and apprised of the situation.


Seriously, I have a feeling that our friend Mr. Hamburglar is not going to be with us much longer.

Yep, methinks Hamburglar is suffering from an all too common disease called “trollitis.” Fortunately, this can be cured quite easily, by having a friendly moderator stick a boot up his ass.

I’m not sure what to think. He (it is a he, I believe) did post a couple of seemingly legitimate pit rants. Give him a chance.

I added a little something to his “That Tart” rant in the pit, by the way. :slight_smile:

But doesn’t whimsy have its place in the great SDMB universe? It should merely be in moderation, especially outside of IMHO, MPSIMS, and the Pit. I see great promise in The Hamburglar. But what do I know? I’m just some moron.

Was my Mayor McCheese reference not funny enough for you? I worked hard for several seconds to come up with that.

And remember: “Nothing can kill the Grimace.” -Clerks: The Animated Series

brianjedi, it’s funny. But Mayor McCheese has his hands full at the moment:

Moreover, it appears that The Hamburglar is also quite the advocate when not committing petty larceny on these boards:

What are we to do?

The Hamburgler has stolen my witty response.

I appreciate gritty surrealism as much as the next guy, and so far it’s funny.

This sort of thing tends to resemble fish and houseguests, though. More than three days, it’s gotta go.

If I were him, I’d pop over to GD and stun everybody with my absolute proof of an unprovable concept real quick.

There once was a man of the land
Who walked 'round stealing burgers from hands
But his postings were snide
So the mods had him fried
And now under his name it says BANNED

t apprs th Th Hmbrglr hs bn cght. Bt whr dd h hd ll ths vwls?

Nah I think he had terminal “sockitosous”. He’s flatlined now though.

Must have been a sock. He was funny but not particularly annoying.

Hey, better the Hamburglar than the Grapist.

I thought it amusing. It would have gotten old real quick, but so far, as someone said, it was a harmless touch of whimsy. It certainly wasn’t worthy of banning, and banning without any warnings at that, unless he was a sock.

I too am a touch confused that he was banned. I don’t think he was a sock, so I find it somewhat incredible that he was banned for misquoting when it was obviously done with a completely benign intent. He was moderately amusing, including his rant against Ronald McDonald, and not offensive.

Sure he technically broke a rule, but I didn’t see any warnings or anything to the poor guy. Perhaps they were a bit quick with the trigger on this one.

By posting information of illegal activity, he broke the ToU.

Another sad TLOTP* bites the dust

*Three Legged One Trick Pony

Ii haaveent the fogieiest.