The handy household tips thread

I know there have been a few threads like this before, but I can’t find them.

Post some of the handy household tips you’ve discovered or learned. I’ll start…

An easy way to clean a hairbrush is with… wait for it… shampoo and conditioner. Considering all the stuff on a hairbrush came from your head and shampoo and conditioner is designed to work best head related things, it works great on hairbrushes.

Here you go.
And here,too.

Throw out all those expensive stain treaters - all you need is Fels-Naptha soap and 20 Mule Team Borax. For a tough stain (and I just got out dried red Slushie from a white knit with this), rub the soap into it, then rub some of the borax into that. Toss in the wash.

Apples taste especially pleasant when kept in the fridge!

If two people are sleeping in one bed, use top sheets and blankets a size larger than the bed: in a queen size bed with king size covers, it’s more likely both bottoms will stay covered.

So what if you have a king size bed?

You’re going to have cold bottoms? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you could buy two extra-long twin sheets and stitch them together? And add a lovely foot-wide border to the blanket or comforter?

It just seems they make the covers to fit neatly on the bed when it’s made, but not big enough to keep two people’s butts covered.

I went from sleeping in a king- to a queen-size bed. Instead of buying new blankets and quilts I kept using the king-size ones, but the queen-size top sheet was too small, so I used the king sheet. Yay. Warm butts for everyone.

How to clean your pool cue? Rub it with a dollar bill (US banknote.) It also makes it slick, so it will slip easily through your bridge hand.

One can get one’s bong almost as clean as new by…using, like…when cleaning one’s bong, one should, um, use club soda, to, like, to…when cleaning…soda water with, with your bong, you…dude, this cartoon is so funny!

If they’re both bottoms then they’re probably not together.

My tip concerns cleaning pans with lots of cooked on scurf. Instead of letting the pan/pot soak in the sink, fill the pot till all of the cooked on detritus is covered and return to medium heat. Wait five minutes and start scraping the sides of the pot with a spatula. When it’s easy to scrape the scraps off the pot, pull the pot off the stove, and then scrub it. I’m not sure where I got this tip from, but I’ve saved an awful lot of stress and elbow grease!

We just use the two twin size top sheets, not stitched together. We don’t have a problem with the length (he’s 5’9" or 5’10" and I’m just barely over five feet) but the width is an issue, since both of use tend to roll up in the covers. Generally, we make a pleat in the bottom of his sheet and blanket where it’s tucked in at the foot, and I don’t tuck my sheets or blankets in at all. This is just what works for us, YMMV, etc.

The easy way to get rid of bath tile mildew stains, after bleach fails, is to cover it over with a thin coat of Ace Hardware “tile grout” that comes in a tube.

You will be AMAZED by the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser . . . it’s a sponge that has some chemical in it that cleans EVERYTHING! It cleaned all of the stains on my wall, burn marks on my stove, candle soot from the wall. I just went around my apartment looking for ANY stain of any kind . . . comes right up. I was totally skeptical and it works like magic.

Use newspaper and glass cleaner to clean your picture frames. No streaking and no dust or hairy particulates to get trapped between the photo and the glass.

Pack a slow moving drain with baking soda (sprinkle into drain until you can get no more into it. Then slowly pour vinegar into the drain about a cup at a time, wait for the fizzing to settle then pour some more. Let sit about 1/2 hour. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

Clear nail polish gets out ink stains.

Out of anything? I have a white shirt that has ink stains on it and they won’t budge. When my dog chewed a Papermate pen and got blue ink on the carpet I doused the area with isopropyl alcohol and dabbed it up with plain white papertowels. It took about 1/2 an hour but there’s no trace of the ink.

Lavenderblue, how would I go about removing an inkstain with clear nailpolish?