The Happy Kitchen

For those of you who don’t want to waste time on line at the drive-through.

You can waste it at home! (ingenious idea however).

Wha-- I’m just-- It’s so-- I thought I was used to things Japanese, having lived there for a year and having lived with Japanese persons most of the past 35 years, but now, not so much.

Tell me that’s something for children to make, on a par with (but much harder and more time-consuming than) the EZBake oven of yore.

I don’t want to know what goes into that powdered “meat” product. I thought when they opened up the package that it was going to be “add your own” meat, but no - everything is there.

Yes, the first thing I thought of was the EZ Bake Oven. But perhaps this has an application for campers or astronauts.

Very tiny campers or astronauts!

That was pretty cool.

Could it be part of a plan to reduce obesity among the Japanese?

By the time you’re done pouring, patting, folding, slicing, microwaving and constructing the containers, it’s already time for the next meal.

I BOUGHT one of these. I’ve been afraid to “cook” it. Still afraid after possessing it for a year. … I’m not THAT hungry. Yet.

It’s gummy candy. There’s a bunch of different ones that look like various other foodstuffs.