The Harry Potter thread for those who have never read Harry Potter

Everyone is all abuzz about the latest edition in the Harry Potter series. I feel so left out.

So here, for your posting pleasure, is the Harry Potter thread for those who have never read Harry Potter.

I don’t know if you guys have read this far, but I could not believe Harry made love to Flavy the wood nymph in Palstorm Forrest!!!

Do you think Sadie is going to survive her fall into the hands of Waldorf? I think he is a pawn of Slake the Valdo. He obviously wanted the Chalstone for himself!

Your thoughts?

Perhaps an adjustment made in the dosage of your meds?
Just kidding! Carry on… :slight_smile:

Hello, my name is Ruby and I’ve never read a single word of Harry Potter.

[sup]Hi Ruby![/sup]

Not only have I never read them, I have no desire to read them. I’m an avid reader but for some reason, I’m not compelled to read about Harry. I’ve watched the films but I’m not even a “fan” of those.

I hope I can join your little anti-Harry conclave. Whaddya gonna give me? Hunh? Hunh? The Secret Handshake? A toaster oven?

Bludger to the head. :slight_smile: Since you didn’t read the books, thats a good thing…lots of fun. Oliver Wood would agree I’m sure…



Newcrasher, I’m begging you, beseeching you, I’m a-gettin’ down on my knees and imploring you. Come and revive my thread Help wriite the Harry Potter book with a difference: for non-readers only. Some unkind, ungracious, mean soul said that my thread would fizzle and die, and, you know, I had to keep posting just to prove him (he sounded mean like a man) wrong. I even cheated a bit and read a review of the book from the local paper so that I could make clever puns on the names of the main characters.

You others, too, get over there and let’s write ourselves an epic!!

You’re forgetting what happened in Harry Potter and the Tumor of Avalon, when Sadie zapped Waldorf with her magic dildo, and Waldorf was forced to reveal that he was the long-lost brother of Lord Foulpants.

I was at a local pub on Friday night listening to a couple of bands. Four doors down from the pub is a bookstore that was having a Harry Potter event, with a person dressed as a wizard sitting in the window and reading from one of the books, and lots of people in costume milling around and lining up to collect the new book that they’d already paid for but couldn’t have until midnight. It looked like a little Halloween in July.

Are you referring to me? Unkind? Ungracious? Mean? Not a bit of it. It’s just that by the time I came into your thread, the damage, it seemed to me, had already been done.

I haven’t read a word of Harry Potter. Well, that’s not true; I picked the latest volume off the shelf at Best Buy and read about half a page. The writing seemed serviceable, if nothing special. I imagine I’ll read the first volume someday. It has to be better than the movie, which I nearly turned off out of boredom.

Trust me, it was. The movies don’t get decent until The Prisoner of Azkaban (the most recent one).

I’ve heard that in the eighth book the evil Wizard Lingrow sends magical parchments around the world which reduces everyone’s reading age to around 8yrs! Scary stuff, not suitable for kids…