The Heathers remake looks horrible.

The trailer for this has just plopped.

Wow, that looks awful. I barely made it through the trailer.

A lot of millennials will like it. I won’t.

Why remake it?

It’s a pilot for a TV series. Today’s teenagers aren’t going to watch a show about 1988 teenagers. Their parents probably would though.

I love the original, but this looks bad. I’ll probably pirate it and watch it just so that I can complain about it even further.

No. Just…no.

Ah Heathers… back in a simpler time when drinking bottled water meant you were gay. I don’t know how they will make it into a tv show without making it Heathers in name only.

Well, I think that Christian Slater has a pretty open schedule…

“What’s the up-chuck factor on that?”


Isn’t he on that mr robot show the anarchists love?

”Our love is God, let’s go get a Slushie.”



I don’t think that millennials are going to like it, either.It looks awful and they were too young to like the original when it came out.

The only people I can see enjoying this is high school students who have never seen the original and likely wouldn’t get it if they did. It looks truly awful, like they took every buzzword and cliche they could come up with, but this is how many of these crappy high school tv shows are.

Why? Is he getting the Spacey treatment? Otherwise I think he works a lot.

Holy shit, that was painful.

I’d rather pound my testicles flat with a wooden hammer than watch this show.

It felt like the script was written by committee. “Ok, what are the kids talking about these days? There’s no bad ideas, people. Just throw out some stuff and we’ll find a place for it…”

So one of the Heathers remake writers thinks that the Heathers were good role models: