"The Heist" Help me understand the caper.

OK. So I just watched 1989’s “The Heist” with Pierce Brosnan and Tom Skerritt for like the 4th or 5th time (it seems to be on an almost continuous loop on my premium channels.)

I keep thinking that I’ve missed something. Can someone explain what Dancer’s (the hunch-betting ambulance driver) role was in the plot?

[spoiler]Allegedly, he was supposed to drive the money out of the track along with an injured jockey who’s also in on the plot. But, during the caper, he gets a hunch and places a bet. The jockey who’s supposed to fall from a horse winds up winning the race, and is later removed from the track by a “Border Patrol” vehicle.

I understand that Brosnan’s character wanted to imply that Dancer was key to the heist to divert attention from the actual getaway vehicle, but, as it turned out, no one was watching Dancer at all during the heist.[/spoiler]

Is there something I missed, or did the writers just get lazy?