The Herald (car thread)

I got my '63 Triumph Herald out of the shop yesterday. A few weeks ago I lost reverse gear. Rick suggested it might just be worn bushings in the shifter – and so it was. The front brakes needed work. The rotors were wearing thin, and the calipers had to be rebuilt. Now I have reverse gear and brakes. And it runs like a sewing machine! People always look when I drive by; even little kids whom I would have thought would have no clue about classic cars. It’s a fun ride.

I bought the car because it was fairly cheap, and because my MGB is taking forever to get restored. I was jonzin’ for a British convertible! The plan was to drive it until the MG was finished, and then sell the Herald. It’s grown on me though. Maybe I should keep it? Sure would look nice with a fresh coat of paint!

On the other hand, the flying itch is particularly strong this year. If I sold the Herald, it would be that much more I could put toward a little airplane. $5,000 for the Herald, $4,000 for the boat, $10,000 for most of my gun collection, who-knows-how-much more for who-knows-what-else I have in this house that I can do without… It adds up. An old Cessna 172 would be an even better ride! And I recently saw a Quickie Q-200 on offer at $21,000…

The MGB, my motorcycles, my books and DVDs, a house… and a flying machine. What more do I need?

Glad to hear the Herald is back on the road. When, when, when is the MGB gonna be done? After you drive that awhile, you’ll maybe not love the Herald so much cuz she’s slow and all. Remember, if you get tired of her she’s got a home waiting here.

There’s an all British Field Meet in Bellevue this month. Me and mr.stretch will be going; if the weather’s nice we’ll be driving Vronica over, though we’re not ready to show her yet–she’ll just be transporation.

mr.stretch hopes to start work on the Renown this fall–too many projects already in the works this summer. We got a Confirmation of Date of Build from the Heritage Motor Centre that verified her build date for us. Although her title lists her as a 1946, her build date was October 20, 1953. We thought she was a '52 or '53 when we bought her and this just confirms our guess. We can’t wait to get her fixed up. :slight_smile:

It’s true, I can fix old British cars. :smiley:
Glad I could help. As far as the plane goes, I owld keep Harold and wait til the new job starts bringing in some money. You know as well as I do that an airplane is an aluminum lined hole in the sky into which you pour money. :slight_smile:

Egads! I don’t know. Last I heard, Antonio was waiting for bolts. I tried to call him a couple of weeks ago to tell him to just go to a store and get them. They’re not made of unobtanium! But he wasn’t in.

The Herald isn’t really that slow. It’s quite happy zipping around at 70 mph, and it will do 80 with little trouble at all! :slight_smile: But the MG will be ‘brand new’, and it’s faster and more comfortable; and I have a stronger connection to it.

Rick: You da man! :slight_smile: