The Hicky thread OR look what I just discovered

So I’m just doing my usual username search, as I do every few days just to make sure I keep up with any conversations I might be involved in, when I find this thread which had me nearly ROTF.

Based on the few computers I’m constantly logged in on (and knowing who I might have just recently given a hickey to) I have a good idea who it might have been, but I just had to come in here and comment on it.

BTW thanks chatelaine for taking care of it before my good username fell into disrepute.

So that must have been one heck of a “July 4th pool party BBQ extravaganza.” Sorry I missed it. I was stuck monitoring a pool party for kids in Rocky Point who all refer to me as “Unca Andy. (which was actually a lot of fun, as a guy with no kids of his own…but, for obvious reasons, there were no hickys)”
What did I miss about the “hhththt” portion of the thread? Was this a question in disguise? Shall we call in Najavo code-talkers to decipher it’s arcane meanings?

Not a problem, Moe.

And congratulations on the hickey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I was actually wrong about who it was. By a strange coincidence my sister apparently has also recently received a hickey (not that she knows how to spell it). And I was apparently logged in on her computer as well.

Not sure what the “hhththt” is all about, but based on the constant smell of good ole mary jane emanating from my sister’s room this week, I’m sure she isn’t either.

Oh Andy, the pool party was great here; the sangria flowed through the bloodstream like… er… blood, yeah blood… it flowed through the bloodstream like blood flowing through… the… (ok, so similes aren’t my thing) saramamalana showed up briefly.

Anyway, glad you had a good time on your end.

Argh! Another chance to meet saramamalana flies right by ol’ Andy Polley.

Argh! Another chance to give Moe’s sister a hickey also flies…UghGak…Leggo of my neck, Moe…it wasn’t mh…ugh! Ouch! Man you’ve got a quick jab.

Speaking of Blood & Sangria, I have taken a blood oath to share some of my sangria concoctions with with world this summer. We’ll have to get together soon and try them. We can invite saramamalana! We can invite you sister too—ukk! Hey…what are you doing with that hockey stick…ahhh…gotta go.

(Runs for his life)