What does "hijacking a thread" mean?

I see this term on the SDMB all the time. I have not the merest clue what it means. :o

Y’know I just gotta tell you about the cool concert tonight at Gunther Murphy’s. THere will be three singer songwriters form Ireland- I’ve heard them before and it will be great!!
Gunther Murphy’s
1638 W. Belmont
Chicago IL
1/2 blk W. of Ashland
9-9:30 p.m. starts

…and I got Andy’s school pics back today. they’re great- he is sitting in front of a chalkboard and smiling- unlike his sister, he hasn’t developed that “fake” smile so it looks really nice.:slight_smile:

Do I understand aright: These are examples? (a bland “yes” or “no” will suffice, thanks you.) :slight_smile:

MikeG, yer evil :smiley:

Yes, dougy_monty, that’s precisely what a “hijack” is. A poster interjects something completely off-topic. Sometimes they apologize, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, a hijack can be permanent, and alter the threads course - often to the dismay of the OP.

Group Dynamics, SDMB Style. Fascinating stuff, at times.

yes, but that reminds me, what’s the origin of the word “bland”? ( :D)

A moose once bit my sis…

"When you start an, or comment upon an entirely unrelated matter in an existing post.

I love hijacking threads!

(I have to have some ignorance fighting quality to my 300th post don’t I?)

Hey, lets make this my 300th post party thread!!

::puts out several kegs of Guinness and assorted beverages.::
:: The Thai and Dim Sum buffet is over there, don’t hurt each other getting to the shrimp dumplings!::

Hey! Did I hear someone mention beer? Yes, please. I’ll have one.

Thanks to all. I guess it’s like a carpenter asking his helper for some “nuts” and the helper offers him some pecans, filberts, walnuts…

Mind you, moose bites can be pretty nasty.

::cracks open a frosty one for Uncle::
Here ya go Unc’!

also, IME, the “hijack” is often tangentally connected to the main thread (as in recently a poster asked a “what’s the answer to this riddle” and it spawned into a “what are some fun riddles” and the OP never got answered (To my knowledge) - kind of like what I tried to do.

OR, a poster will respond directly to another poster in the thread (like "Hi Coldfire, how’s them moderating duties coming along, gee, I’ve really missed you…) and then others respond etc.

Also, there’s another type of hyjack which is really frowned upon these days, where a poster will speculate about the troll-type nature of another poster (we’ve been asked really, really nicely to not do that, to bring it to e-mail to a mod)

Too much information yet?

Hey, wring. How is ya?

This is a perfect description, Dougie.

Hiya UncleBeer oh, I am sooooo in need of a beer. Nuts? why thank you. How’s by you? Isn’t this a nice change of pace?

Mike, ya got champagen for me?

Champagne? there’s Champagne here?? Where’s my glass???

Yet another type of hijack:

If poster A wishes to say something off-topic to poster B, and poster B’s email is not listed, A may ask B to email her. Usually this hijack comes with an apology, and does not necessarily turn into a whole-thread hijack–but sometimes it unfortunately does.

I think the worst kind of hijack comes in chat rooms, when someone logs into the chat room, posts a commercial message (usually it’s for porno videos or stills), and immediately logs out. Talk about guerrilla tactics…

And yet, gorrilas only have one inch penii, as we learned in the hot monkey sex thread last night.

My WinAmp player just started Johnny Cash’s Chicken in Black.

Hey, I figured it would fit into the discussion :smiley: