The HMO Freeway guy (kind of depressing)

If you knew what I meant when you saw the thread title, you’re from southern California.

This is an utterly mundane and pointless question. Here goes. You may remember the guy who parked his truck on the freeway (which freeway? I don’t remember; just “the freeway”), spread out a banner decrying HMOs, then returned to the truck and shot himself.

Was there a dog in the truck with him, and did he set the truck on fire first? I seem to remember a “live suicide” incident where people were saying, “But what about the dog? He didn’t have to take the dog with him!” Was that the same one?

He went back to the truck and set it fire with him inside. Then he found out that fire hurts, and bailed out, leaving the dog inside…

Moments later, shot himself in the head with a rifle. I saw it live while doing laundry. Channel 5 apologized profusely, saying they didn’t know it was going to happen.

Yeah, right!

I see. Thank you.